Watch Live: Chevy To Reveal C8 Corvette Stingray on July 18. Here’s How To See The Big Event

Matick Chevy C8 Corvette Reveal Event July 18 2019REMINDER: Join the live reveal on Thursday, July 18 of the 2020 C8 Corvette Stingray — the next generation of America's favorite sports car

Livestream coverage from California begins at 10:30 p.m. Detroit time (7:30 p.m. PDT). 

Click here to tune in and watch history being made.

On this official C8 Corvette reveal site, you'll find all the latest news about the most anticipated Corvette ever:

  • How to watch live
  • Video teasers
  • Downloadable wallpapers to dress up your digital devices
  • History video showing the various Corvette generations
  • C8 engine audio
  • Interior photos of Corvettes through eight generations

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Matick Chevy C8 Corvette Stingray Reveal July 2019
The C8 Corvette Stingray will be unwrapped July 18.
Matick Chevy C8 Corvette Stingray Logo Reveal July 2019
The 2020 Chevrolet Corvette will debut as a Stingray. Did you know the second generation Corvette debuted as a Stingray in 1963? This nameplate ran until 1976, and was then revived in 2014 to introduce the seventh generation Corvette. Chevrolet is proud to announce the Stingray name will live on.

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Annual Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Tradition Kicks Off Weekend Of Racing Excitement On Belle Isle

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 35
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.   

A rainbow of shiny Corvettes lined up at the main entrance of George Matick Chevrolet in metro Detroit early on June 1 means only one thing — time for the annual Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience.

Matick Automotive Group Sales Director Paul Zimmermann said 130 Corvette owners purchased Matick-discounted ticket packages for two to attend the event, which every year includes a delicious starter’s breakfast at the Redford Township dealership, a police-escorted caravan to Detroit’s Belle Isle racetrack and a day of Grand Prix racing and activities on the island.

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 27
Matick Sales Director Paul Zimmermann greets the crowd of more than 250 Corvette lovers.

“This is our eighth annual caravan, and our seventh Corvette Caravan,” he said, adding that for the first event owners with any type of car were invited to participate.

“It’s always a great event when you see all these Corvettes together,” he said. “It’s one of my favorite days of the year.”

There were many first-time attendees, including Deborah East and Deborah Raines, both Corvette owners from Detroit.

Raines admitted being excited “because maybe we can drive the track at the end,” she said. The Matick experience allowed 100 ticket-holders to take hot laps around the track, weather permitting, at the end of the race day.

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 13
Deborah East and Deborah Raines loved the event.

Event participant Steve Farinola of Lake Orion walked into the dealership with his father, Lou Farinola of West Bloomfield.

Lou, a repeat Caravan attendee, shared why he keeps coming back. “The breakfast, the cars, the seats at the track. What’s not to like?”

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 14
Fred Gallasch and Bob Stoler share a long history of enjoying Corvette adventures.

Corvette Hall of Fame inductee Fred Gallasch of Franklin was headed to the breakfast bar with friend Bob Stoler of Farmington Hills.

“We’re very good buddies,” said Stoler, “And we’ve always loved Corvettes.”

Gallasch, former assistant brand manager with Corvette, currently owns six of the sleek cars.

“I’ve liked Corvettes since 1975,” he said.

Stoler said his parents took him to Detroit’s GM building when he was around 13 or 14 years old. “I got into a Corvette and my feet hit the pedals and I knew right then I was going to own a Corvette,” he recalled. "I have a Z06 now. I just like that car, and now I’m eager to see the C8.”

Attending for the third year, Bradley Cochran of Redford Township sat observing the large crowd after breakfast with his niece, Britney Pearson, also of Redford.

Cochran said family members got him hooked on attending the Matick Corvette Caravan. He especially loves the Corvette rally heading from the dealership to the Grand Prix.

“The Matick team makes it easy for the Corvette drivers to get in and out of the parking lot, and then we go single-file down to Belle Isle on the expressway. You’ll see people stop on the ramps on the way down and take video of us as we drive by.”

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 43
Guests roll out to experience the Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan.

He also gets a kick out of driving the track after the Saturday races. “You can’t pass, but you’re still moving pretty good,” especially around the turns.

If there was a prize for coming the longest distance to the caravan, Stephanie and Wayne Knight of St. Louis, Missouri, would have won the award. “I searched online for various Corvette club activities and we were linked to this event,” said Wayne.

Stephanie noted the couple came into town Thursday night. “We were looking forward to the whole experience,” adds Wayne.

Max and Linda Moore of Milford drove their 2015 Z06 to Matick Chevy. “It’s our second time here,” he said. “I love the cars and the people. I’m a racing nut. Really enjoy the camaraderie of the Corvette people.”

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 23
Matick Chevy's Alan Johnson provided last-minute details on the rally to Belle Isle.

Alan Johnson, Matick Performance Vehicle Sales Manager, scanned the crowd as time neared to leave and said the event is “as exciting as it ever has been. I look forward to spending time on Belle Isle and being with the Corvette family.” He expected the day to end around 7 p.m.

Kevin and Janice Moir of Northville drove their 2018 Admiral Blue Corvette Stingray to the Redford dealership. “We bought the car last year. I did the racing school at Spring Mountain, Nevada. It was all Corvettes. That’s a great event.”

Janice loved the social gathering with all the other owners. “It’s fun driving with a big group of people,” she said.

Some attendees knew each other from previous Corvette caravan events. Chuck and Renee Dardas of Rochester shared stories with Tom and Cindy Stroup of Northville.

The Dardases drove their 2017 Grand Sport Coupe on Saturday. Chuck’s company builds the Corvette frame, he said. “I’m a big racing fan,” he beamed.

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 11
Guests enjoy the Matick Chevy Corvette Caravan Experience, which began inside the dealership's huge indoor showroom, a large space that normally features some 100 performance vehicles.

Tom Stroup admitted he crashed a 2000 Corvette convertible last year at the Waterford Hills race track. So he went out and bought a 2007 Corvette.

“My wife said if I mess up this one, I’m going to be driving a Yugo.” That made others at the table laugh.

Troy resident Juan Gutierrez, who works with Corvettes at GM, was sitting with his friend Ryan Smith of Royal Oak. Gutierrez said a friend told him about the Caravan. Smith said he was happy to be at the event. “Corvettes are my dream car,” he said.

Explaining this was their first Caravan, Chelsie and Veronica Cruz of West Bloomfield drove their 2018 Stingray convertible. Veronica was anticipating the “overall experience, checking out all the other cars and meeting new people.”

Chelsie was “excited about the cars and the racing. I love cars. It will be cool to ride down to Detroit with the other Corvettes.”

Erving Felder of Eastpointe was chatting with friend Willie Cheatham of Detroit, who drove his 2007 red Corvette convertible, which he purchased at Matick Chevrolet.

“I was a supervisor at Chrysler and I’m enjoying my retirement,” says Cheatham. “Today I’ll be enjoying myself and having a good time with all the other people here.”

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 16
Barry and Jan Griffith joined the caravan from Ontario.

Barry and Jan Griffith journeyed to the event from St. Thomas, Ontario, about a three-hour drive, and they stayed over in Livonia. “We’re driving a 2015 Z51 and we’re newbies to the caravan,” said Jan. “I’m just going to take everything in today.”

Barry added that he wanted to see the Indy drivers signing autographs.

Performance car collector Ken Lingenfelter chatted with members of the Competition Corvette Club of Michigan – Rod Grimes of Clinton Township, Mike Cook of Livonia and Wayne Little.

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 5
Competition Corvette Club members (left to right) Rod Grimes, Mike Cook and Wayne Little with car collector Ken Lingenfelter (light shirt).

Little explained how he enjoys the camaraderie at the caravan. “We all get along. When you have a Corvette, you are a part of a family.”

Lingenfelter, whose collection is in Brighton, drove his 2019 ZR1 on Saturday. “I come every year,” he said.

After breakfast, Matick’s Zimmermann welcomed the crowd and Johnson explained last-minute caravan details. Then attendees headed outside into the 70-degree sunshine to get into their Corvettes.

The vehicles’ colors ran the gamut — from navy blue to yellow to maroon.

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 30
The Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 line-up.

On Telegraph Road in front of the dealership, people could see the flashing lights of the police escort.

Polly and Bob Girkin of New Hudson climbed into their 2001 red Corvette. “I think we’ve only missed one of these (caravans),” he said. “I’m looking forward to no rain!”

Engines rumbled to life. Matick staff waved cars out onto the main road, urging drivers to “Have a great time!”

Enjoy the 2019 Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience photo album.

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 21
Chuck Dardas (standing), Cindy Stroup, Chelsie Cruz and Veronica Cruz attended the event along with Renee Dardas (seated), Tom Stroup, Ryan Smith and Juan Guttierez.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 17
Max and Linda Moore get ready to caravan.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 12 1
Erving Felder (right) liked talking with other Corvette enthusiasts.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 15
Matt Leman (left), Jerry Leman, Steve Farinola and Lou Farinola.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 18
Grabbing posters.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 19
A little window shopping!Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 2
Polly and Bob Girkin drove their 2001 red Corvette.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 24
Competition Corvette Club members.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 22 1
Matick Automotive Group Sales Director Paul Zimmermann.

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 25
Wayne and Stephanie Knight drove in from St. Louis for the event.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 3
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan starter's breakfast.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 31
Corvettes of every color began lining up before 7 a.m.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 34
Simply classic!Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 36
Such an awesome sight!Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 39
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 4
Team Matick members handled registration duties.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 40
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 41
Ready to rally!Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 42
Heading out to merge onto I-96 and head to Belle Isle.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 44
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 45
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 46
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 47
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 48
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 50
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 51
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 52 1
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 53
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 54
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 56
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019.Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 6
The crowd inside Matick's showroom.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 8
It doesn't hurt to look for your next Corvette!Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 49
Larry Courtney and his U.S. Flag wrapped Matick Corvette.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan 2019 10
Matick's Alan Johnson and Sally Smith coordinated caravan experience tickets.
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Breaking News: Next Generation Corvette Reveal Set For 7-18-19

Matick Chevy New Generation Corvette 2019

Here’s the 411 on the Next Generation Corvette. There's only one way to keep up with the latest news by registering for email updates at

Matick Chevy Next Generation Corvette 2019
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Racecar Driver Kellermeyer Snags Sixth Consecutive T1 Championship

Matick Chevy Corvette Blog SVRA Indy Invitational Indy Motor Speedway
Danny Kellermeyer competed in the SVRA Indy Invitational at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.    

Michigan Corvette racecar driver Danny Kellermeyer looks back on his busy 2018 racing year with pride, especially about winning another driving championship — the Waterford Hills Road Racing T1 title.

“The races there were awesome,” says Danny, an Ortonville resident and veteran racecar driver sponsored by Matick Chevrolet in metro Detroit.

This marks his sixth consecutive year winning the Michigan Waterford Hills crown in his Corvette. He even set a new track record during a September race – just over a minute at 1:11.682 – on the 1.4-mile-long track hadn’t been broken since 2016.

“When you set a record, you have to do it at the beginning of the race, lap 2 or 3, because that is the fastest the tires will be,” he says. “I had put a new set of tires on. Everything was going perfect that day.”

Matick Chevy Corvette Blog Kellermeyer Wins at WHRRI
Driver Danny Kellermeyer wins another race at WHRRI.

We caught up with him recently to ask a few questions as he looks toward next season:

How would you summarize this past year?

It was a good season, not without normal pitfalls. Rain (during) races did me in a couple spots. I drove each of my cars – Corvette C4, C5, C6 and C7 – at least once. My main car is the C6. Of my 28 races, I finished first in 20 of them.

What was a great racing memory from the 2018 racing season?

We did a 10-lap Australian Pursuit at Waterford Hills on the last race of the year in September. That mean all groups can race, anybody can sign up. The slowest car goes first, then next slowest, etc. I started in the 36th position because I was the fastest car.

So at the start, with those 36 cars, I went out 72 seconds late. We had everything out there, even a Volkswagen, but there was no crash damage, no contact. With one lap to go, I finally passed the leader and won. It was a fun race to watch.

What's happening at Waterford Hills during the off-season?

They tore up the track this fall and put down all new asphalt and curbing. We cut out one month of racing for (contractors) to dig it up. It should be nice for next year. It really needed it.

Matick Chevy Corvette Blog Kissing WHRRI track goodbye Danny Kellermeyer Colin Chappell Phil Robbins
Raecar drivers Kellermeyer (left), Colin Chappell and Phil Robbins kissed the old WHRRI track goodbye.

Tell us about your race at Mid-Ohio on Oct. 14.

It was a good run. I was in 44th place at the back of pack because I’d been knocked off the track. I did a lot of passing and finished second.

We hear you're mentoring younger drivers.

Yes! One is Christie Bagne. This was her first year. She’s driving a Miata, and doing excellent. She was featured on the cover of the Sports Car Club of America magazine. She’s an up-and-coming young lady who works for GM and lives in Royal Oak.

The other driver is Colin Chappell, from Hillsdale. He’s in a Corvette and got his racing license this year. It’s great to see interest in racing because it was down when money was tight. 

Matick Chevy Corvette Blog Celebrating the 2018 RAcing Season at WAterford Hills Michigan
Kellermeyer (in yellow) and other drivers celebrate the end of the 2018 racing season at the Waterford Hills track.


Tell us about the driving school.

At the Waterford Hills driving school in April and May, we had 52 students, the largest group ever. New drivers can participate in our competition school and become a novice right there. It’s highly sought after.

And your other activities?

  • I took part in Waterford Hills’ 60th Anniversary Celebrations, finishing first in the Big Bore Showcase Race on Sept. 8 and, as I mentioned, the Australian Pursuit on Sept. 9.
  • I participated in six Sports Car Club of America races, with a podium finish in five, including three first places.
  • I was in five Sportscar Vintage Racing Association races, the big one being the Brickyard Vintage Invitational at the Indianapolis Speedway where I drove my 1986 C4 Corvette. That June 15-17 event drew 750 entrees.
  • I exhibited my Corvette at Flint’s Back to the Bricks show in August. That annual event draws 450,000 spectators.
  • On June 24, I went to the Flint Corvette Club’s Auto City Autocross, where participants’ cars were scaled for corner weights, courtesy of my sponsor Matick Chevrolet.
  • I had my Corvette at the Detroit Autorama in March, and also at the Livonia Business Expo in May.
  • In January, I spoke to middle schools for the annual Young Inventors contest for middle school students in the Livonia Public Schools, Clarenceville Community Schools and Wayne-Westland Community Schools districts. I was a speaker at the awards dinner for the top 30 young inventors. It was a great night with all the students, parents and grandparents.
Matick Chevy Corvette Blog Kellermeyer Corvette at Livonia Expo 2018
Kellermeyer exhibited his  Corvette racecar at the Livonia Expo.

What will you be doing during the winter months?

I’ll be prepping all four racecars for the 2019 racing season. New engines and drivetrains are being built. All cars are built from the ground up, starting with bare frames. If I start and stay on it, it takes two weeks. It’s all the pre-work, making sure everything is sized and machined properly. That takes a lot of time. This is the third year on my C6 engine, so it has to come out. I’ll do it myself and my wife, Michaelle, helps me.

Any other thoughts about the year?

I certainly signed a lot of autographs and did a lot on the tracks.

Do you like letting fans get a chance to sit inside your racecars?

I think back to a race at the downtown Cleveland airport one year. A dad brought his son to the race, and the boy was skinny and fragile because he had muscular dystrophy. I talked to the young man and suggested we get him in the racecar. The dad and I lifted him carefully, got him in and I looked up and the dad was crying. I believe it was thought the boy could never get in a car like that.

Matick Chevy Corvette Blog Detroit Autorama Maverick and Danny Kellermeyer
Kellermeyer lets Maverick sit in his racecar during the Detroit Autorama.
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Larry Courtney Readies For Aug. 15 ‘Corvettes On Woodward’ Rally And Other Summer Sports Car Events

Matick Chevy Larry Courtney Corvette Events 2018

Watch for Michigan Corvette ambassador Larry Courtney on the road again this summer at various sports car events in his U.S flag-wrapped “American Pride” Corvette

Courtney and his wife, Verna (above), are regulars at summer car cruise events throughout the midwest.

“It’s been a busy summer so far,” says Courtney. “We’ve had a few rainouts, too.”

The 1999 Corvette with 140,000 miles on it, sponsored by Matick Chevrolet of metro Detroit, just had a new flag-wrap placed on the body.

“When installers took off the old wrap, the car was as shiny as the day they put it on,” says Courtney, who has showcased the car for Matick Chevy since 2012.

The biggest event Courtney organizes — the annual Corvettes on Woodward — is set for Wednesday, August 15. That’s a few days before metro Detroit's 23rd annual Woodward Dream Cruise on Aug. 18.

In addition to the Corvette rally, Corvettes on Woodward’s main goal is to collect money and food donations for the Open Hands Food Pantry at 26998 Woodward Ave. in Royal Oak.

He estimates 400 Corvettes and their owners will attend. “This year I have permission to use the parking lot at the Masonic Lodge, which is closer to downtown Birmingham than our previous rally site,” says Courtney.

The lot is located in Bloomfield Hills on the southbound side at 37357 Woodward Ave., just north of Big Beaver/Quarton Road between Lone Pine and Charing Cross.

Corvette owners are welcome to come together starting around 4:30 p.m. Then at 7:30 p.m., police officers will lead drivers on a parade south along Woodward Avenue to the pantry at Eleven Mile Road and Woodward on the east side.

A $10 donation is recommended. For those who want to bring nonperishable food directly to the pantry, volunteers will be there waiting. Drivers can go a little farther south of the first turnaround on Woodward in order to keep cars from backing up.

“We will have raffles and door prizes at Open Hands Food Pantry and I hope to have Seeburger’s Cheeseburgers there as well,” Courtney says. 

The event is a lead-in to the annual Woodward Dream Cruise extravaganza, on Saturday, Aug. 18. The Dream Cruise attracts up to 40,000 classic cars and thousands of car lovers for a day-long cruise that jams Woodward Avenue in both directions from Eight Mile Road in Detroit to downtown Pontiac.

Courtney also organizes events for Corvette lovers who want to tour area auto-related sites.

  • On Wednesday, Aug. 15, enthusiasts can set out in the morning to visit the GM Heritage Center in Sterling Heights. The cost is $10.
  • On Thursday, Aug. 16, people can enjoy the Lingenfelter Car Collection in Brighton.

For more event details or recommendations about local hotels, contact Larry Courtney at or 586-876-6923.

To his supporters, Courtney says, “Thanks for the many great memories and the friendship you have given Verna and me.”


Corvette lovers may want to keep Sept. 23 in mind, says Larry.

A new event called “Corvettes on the Island” is set to take place on Belle Isle in Detroit in the same paddock area used for the Detroit Grand Prix.

“Verna and I thought this would be a great time to get everyone together just for fun,” he says.

“We are thinking of a People’s Choice for best of each generation. We hope you will come out, have fun and see all the great changes in Belle Isle.”

More details to come.


Matick Chevy Corvettes at FountainWalk Show
Matick Chevy Corvettes at Fountain Walk 2018 Show
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Heinricy Now Focusing On Mentoring Drivers and Racing His 2002 Camaro

John Heinricy and Corvette Blog 6 2018
Racecar driver John Heinricy attended a recent Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan at Matick Chevy.

Champion racecar driver John Heinricy is well into another busy racing season.

Last year, of the eight regular-season races in his 2012 Matick Chevrolet-sponsored Sonic, the Clarkston, Mich., driver won seven.

Heinricy’s resume includes five national championships in A Sedan, won between 2003-14, and one in B Spec in 2015. He has earned seven other national championships in Corvette and Cobalt racing.

Last year’s finale came as 1,000 drivers convened at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the SCCA National Championship Runoffs held during the last week of September.

At the end at the runoffs, Heinricy drove home with two second-place trophies, beating numerous tough competitors.

Over the winter, Heinricy sold his B Spec Matick Chevy Sonic racecar, and is concentrating on mentoring drivers and racing his 2002 Camaro in A Sedan this season.

We asked the National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame racecar driver about what's happening this season.

Discuss your work assisting people who want to learn more about racing.

I ran high performance driving events (HPDE) at the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky., in April. We gave hot laps sponsored by Matick Chevrolet, and they were very popular. I drove or rode with 10 to 12 people.

I drove one guy’s Cadillac CTSV, a high-performance supercharged car, and it was great. The car is a lot heavier than Corvettes and it was still extremely capable with 640 hp and very fast.

I’ll be doing one more HPDE in late August.

You also take part in autocross events with the Corvette Club of Michigan.

Yes, I’ll run three or four this year with the club. Sometimes we’re at Michigan International Speedway near Jackson and others at Schoolcraft College in Livonia.

I like the intensity and camaraderie with the other owners. It’s very intense competition because the time on the course is less than a minute. It’s a different kind of skill and really fun. Autocross is something Corvettes work extremely well in. It’s usually a whole day, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and there could be 200 cars there.

What is your racing schedule like?

I raced at the Mid-Ohio Sports Car Course June 1-3 to start qualifying with the Camaro. I had some engine problems but it’s been rebuilt, and doing pretty good. I ran at Watkins Glen International in New York in mid-June and I’ll race in New Jersey in July. The final races will be at Sonoma Raceway in Sonoma, Calif., in October.

What is this year’s biggest challenge?

Going fast enough to beat the young men and women. There are a lot more women coming into racing. I’m thinking it will be a good year for me. You always think positively at the beginning.

The Matick Chevrolet team works with you throughout the year, correct?

The Matick Chevy team is so great and they provided me with invaluable assistance on the Chevy Sonic, which they sponsored. They did body repair and tire mounting. The management team was very supportive. If I needed any mechanical help, they were always able to fit me in.

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2018 Corvette Caravan Experience Revs Up Owners At Detroit Grand Prix

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience
More than 120 Corvette owners and guests enjoyed the annual Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience. 

Pete and Renee Pellerito, members of the Eastside Corvette Club, were “pretty pumped” during a recent Saturday morning as they anticipated driving their 2017 metallic black rose Grand Sport convertible (with license plate BLT N USA) in their first caravan to the Detroit Grand Prix.

They joined 120 other Corvette owners and their guests who were excitedly gathering at Matick Chevrolet in Redford Township by 7 a.m. on June 2 for the dealership’s seventh annual Chevrolet Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience.

The big event kicked off with a breakfast program at the dealership and included the police-escorted caravan to Belle Isle for special Corvette Corral parking, treats at Chevrolet hospitality tent, and reserved trackside grandstand seating near the pits to enjoy a full day of racing. Matick Chevy provided the 120 owners with discounted tickets to all the events.

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 2
Matick Chevy's main new car showroom transformed into a fun event venue.

The Matick main indoor showroom (America’s largest) was transformed into a festive reception venue, with a full breakfast buffet provided by Crank’s Catering, packed tables for eating and socializing and, of course, a few rows of gleaming new Corvettes on display.

Bob Girkin, a former Formula IV and SCGA racer, teased his wife, Polly, and friends Michaelle and Danny Kellermeyer, driver of the Matick Chevy-sponsored signature-yellow Corvette racecar. “Remember,” he laughingly reminded his wife, “When we were planning and having our kids, and you said, ‘I’m not strapping you into these racing cars anymore!’”

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 1a
Michaelle and Danny Kellermeyer with Polly and Bob Girkin.

Nearby, event veterans Peter and Joan Roberts, wearing Route 66 Corvette Pace Car Reunion jackets, came from Canada with members of the Corvette Club of Windsor.

“Our jackets are from a four-day event we hosted with 38 Corvettes,” Peter Roberts said. “We were the pace car driving from Joplin, Missouri to Tucumcari, New Mexico on Route 66.”

“Today,” he added, “we caravanned from Windsor to here for this event, driving our silver C5 convertible (with license plate 1 BAD 9t9).”

“The hospitality is wonderful. We’ve really been looking forward to coming here,” said Michelle Hale, wife of Michael Hale and passenger in his black 1999 C5 (with license plate Hale 3).”

“It’s our first time here and it’s very exciting,” Michael Hale added. “We’ll be relocating to Florida in two months, so we might not get another chance to do this.”

Donald and Renata Turner, seated at the table with their friends and family (Caroline and Farrell Reis and Dennis and Dorian O’Bryan) drove their cyber-gray Stingray. “Everything was very smooth and organized,” Renata Turner said.

Caroline and Farrell Rels drove their 2010 red Stingray (license plate Farrell), and the O’Bryans drove their 2015 night racing blue Stingray. “Though you should have,” Dorian teased his dad, Dennis, “driven the 30th-anniversary of the C4 — your black rose ’93.”

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 14
Ernest Stevenson, his sister Annette and nephew Steven Muntwell.

For Ernest Stevenson, the event was his third Matick Corvette caravan, driving his Nassau-blue ’98 C5. “I’m looking forward to walking around Belle Isle, collecting t-shirts,” he said. “It’s nice and noisy, just like we like it — loud!”

His sister, Annette Stevenson, drove her crystal red, C6 Grand Sport. “I call it ‘Burgundy,’” she chuckled. “I like the caravan, the way people pull over to watch. It stops traffic.”

Steve Wimberly was excited to see all the other Corvettes and “what people have done to their rides.” In his 2002 ZO6 (license plate Stevie), Wimberly was also looking forward to driving on the Belle Isle Grand Prix track, as were Danny and Ron Krewench, in their 2014 Z-51 white Stingray (plate Krewzin).

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 21
Ron and Danny Krewench.

After breakfast and before the caravan prepared to leave, Matick Chevrolet’s Sales Director Paul Zimmermann addressed the guests.

“Thank you for trusting us, and for your loyalty and business,” he said. “In 2016, we were #11 in the country for new car sales. We moved up in 2017 as Chevrolet ranks us the #7 Elite Leader dealer in the U.S. That’s an impressive and very competitive jump. We’re also moved into the 8th position in the country for Corvette sales.”

Zimmermann continued with an announcement that a “20-year Matick vision” has now come to fruition: the opening of Matick Auto Wash, Michigan’s largest state-of-the art car wash. At 27,000 square feet, it is larger than the average new vehicle dealership.

“As a continuation of service to you, our customers, and as a re-investment in southeast Michigan and employing 50 people, our new auto wash has three special features designed for our Corvette customers and all Corvette owners,” he said.

Zimmermann explained that the conveyor belts in the unique two-tunnel set up are wide enough for any Corvette tire. The wheel-guide heights were lowered to avoid any interference with shrouds and the wash system features a friction-free, brushless spray.

The guests cheered at that point. Before directing drivers to their Corvettes so the 2018 Matick Chevy Caravan could begin, Zimmermann invited them to take a some time to really enjoy and celebrate the Grand Prix experience and Detroit’s auto industry.

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 19
Larry and Verna Courtney's flag-wrapped Corvette lead the Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan.

And, as Larry and Verna Courtney, in their U.S. flag-wrapped convertible and second behind the Matick pace car took the first turn out of the Matick Chevy new car lot, there were honks, waves and revving engines being put through show-off sport and race modes as the caravan began its procession onto I-96.

The staff applauded the departing Corvettes and each other for another successful event. Matick COO Molly Williams, Sales Manager Jack McInerney and Delivery Coordinator Michele Baldini gave each other high-fives as they gazed down the highway at the receding parade of new and classic Corvettes.

“Organizer Ryan Esler, Matick’s ‘man behind-the-scenes,’ really made this happen,” Baldini said. “He’s an organizer, a leader and a perfectionist — just like our Corvette owners.”

She added, “Thanks to our great team, this event ran like a well-tuned Corvette.”

Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 20
The Matick Chevy team that coordinated the caravan party are ready for their 2019 event.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 10
Renee and Pete Pellerito.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 11
Linda Whalen and Tom Malott.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 12
Michelle and Michael Hale.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 15
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 15
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 16
William and Patrica Cardasis.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 17
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 17
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 18
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 18
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 22
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 22
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 24
Corvettes begin lining up for the Matick caravan.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 23
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 23
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 25
Lauren Roberts and Daniel Toco.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 26
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 26
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 27
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 27
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 28
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 28
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 29
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 29
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 3
Corvette owners and guests were treated to a buffet breakfast as part of the caravan party.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 4
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 4
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 6
Jean and Peter Roberts.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 7
From row left to right: Dennis O'Bryan, Farrell and Caroline Rels. Back row: Dorian O'Bryan, Donald and Renata Turner.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 8
Every Corvette in the caravan received a Matick Chevy sticker for the Corvette Corral.
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 9
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 9
Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience 13
What a sight to see Corvettes from every generation lined up and ready to caravan.
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Corvette Racer Kellermeyer Eyes Another Strong Racing Season

Matick Chevy Danny Kellermeyer at AutoRama
 Danny Kellermeyer's C7 Corvette shines during the 66th annual AutoRama show at Cobo Center in Detroit. 

Racecar driver Danny Kellermeyer expects another impressive racing season that hopefully will mirror his title-winning ways of previous years.

Last year, he repeated as SCCA Great Lakes Division T1 champion and Waterford Hills Road Racing T1 champion in his classic #37 Matick Chevrolet-sponsored yellow Corvette.

“I had 24 races and won 17 of them,” says Kellermeyer. The Ortonville, Mich. resident drives Corvettes he builds himself. “This gives us a total of 39 championships since 1989.”

He nabbed three second-place and three third-place finishes. Equipment problems forced him out of one race.

“Fans saw three generations – C5, C6 and C7 – run last year from my DJ Racing stable. And all of them managing to capture a first-place victory,” Kellermeyer says.

Although it’s still early in the 2018 racing season, Kellermeyer can already share a stomach-churning moment on the track this May.

“At GingerMan Raceway in west Michigan, I caught a water puddle and spun 360 degrees three times,” he says.

Kellermeyer held on tight and managed to keep his C6 on the track.

“We survived and finished second,” he says.

Massive rainfall made driving slick at the track. “When we left May 21, the paddock was a full lake, just standing water,” he says.

So far during the 2018 season, Kellermeyer has taken part in three races at Waterford Hills and won all three.

He drove three races at GingerMan in South Haven, where he won one and finished second in two. He plans to drive in 26 events this season. We asked him a few questions about what race fans can expect when he's on and off the track.

Matick Chevy Danny Kellermeyer First Pace Finish Gingerman Raceway
It's another first-place finish for Danny Kellermeyer at GingerMan Raceway.

You have several vehicles in the stable. What are you driving?

"I’ve been racing the C6. I’m still sorting out the C7.  I’m having some parts made for it."

In what other non-racing events are you planning to participate?

"I participated in the annual Matick Chevy Detroit Grand Prix Corvette Caravan Experience breakfast on June 2. On June 24, I’ll be at the Auto City Speedway in Clio to support the Flint Corvette Club during an autocross event. We’ll weigh cars and Matick Chevy will provide free corner weights. I’ll be at Back to the Bricks in Flint on Aug. 18 to display all three of my Corvettes.

Tell us about how you took some Alpha Stamping employees under your wing at Gingerman May 21. 

"We rented the track and played. It was raining, but we made applesauce out of rotten apples. We had a complete track day and we showed them how to drive Corvettes and how to handle them in the rain." title="Danny Kellermeyer Matick Chevy at Livonia Middle School" rel="lightbox353901"

Talk about your new team member, Colin Chappell.

"I’m mentoring him in the world of racing. I went to school with his dad. Colin’s 25 and this is the first year he has driven in races. He’s going to travel with us."

Are there races you’re looking forward to?

"Mid-Ohio on Oct. 13-14. I was there last year and had a rear axle problem. I want to redeem myself."

"And I’m going to be at Indianapolis Speedway June 15-17 driving in the Brickyard Vintage Invitationals with Robert Pfeffer and his son, Jonathan. They have 1994 Corvettes, and I’ll drive my 1990 C4. It’s a big race with 700 entries. This is my first time at Indy. It’s been on my bucket list so I’m glad I have the opportunity to do it. I’m going to be in awe."

Kellermeyer kept busy last winter and early spring. On Dec. 17, his DJ Racing team displayed its new Matick Chevy C7 at the world’s largest racing trade show, Performance Racing Industries at Indianapolis. The show attracts 48,000 from the racing industry.

“Our display was extremely busy,” he says. “We received a lot of favorable comments on the build and answered questions on products we use.”

Danny Kellermeyer Matick Chevy at Livonia Middle School
Michigan middle school students enjoyed viewing Danny Kellermeyer's C7 during their Youth Inventors program.

On Jan. 26, Kellermeyer was guest speaker for the Youth Inventors program established for more than 600 middle schoolers from Livonia, Redford and Westland.

The C7 racecar was displayed in all six of the kick-off school programs. The students’ projects were completed and judged — with a banquet and awards held at Schoolcraft College in Livonia, Mich.

“It was great to meet all these young students and their parents, and say a few words and congratulate them on their accomplishments,” says the veteran racecar driver.

The DJ Racing team kicked off the 2018 season with a bang at the 66th annual Detroit AutoRama last March where the Matick Chevy, Corvette Central C7 was displayed in the Waterford Hills Road Racing display at Cobo Center in Detroit.

The C7 race car took centerstage in the Alpha Stamping display at the 2018 Livonia Business Expo in May  at the Laurel Park Mall. The expo, one of Livonia’s signature annual events, was the “perfect setting for displaying the DJ Racing/Alpha Stamping race teams’ efforts,” he says.

See Kellermeyer's 2018 schedule here.

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Driving Down Memory Lane With Highlights From ‘Woodward Dream Cruise’ And ‘Back To The Bricks’

Matick Chevy Back to Bricks Overview Cars
Back to the Bricks crowds pack Flint.  

Classic car cruisers from around the globe head to Michigan for two special events every August – the Woodward Dream Cruise, which runs along Woodward Avenue from Pontiac south to Ferndale, and Back to the Bricks in downtown Flint.

And Michigan Corvettes were well represented. Larry Courtney, driving his U.S. flag-wrapped Corvette, was busy along the Woodward Avenue route during Dream Cruise week while Corvette racecar driver Danny Kellermeyer set up his racing display at The Bricks. Matick Chevy in Redford, Mich. sponsors both Corvette enthusiasts.

Matick Chevy Larry Courtney Corvettes on Woodward
This skull hot rod was one of Larry Courtney's favorites during the Woodward Dream Cruise.

Corvette event organizer Courtney and his wife, Verna, maintained a full schedule in advance of the Dream Cruise.

This year's Corvettes on Woodward, a gathering of Corvettes Courtney normally coordinates the Wednesday before Dream Cruise to raise money for food banks, had a last-minute change.

Courtney says he cancelled the mega-Corvette event as a result of some changes by his host site. “I did not have a good site to get all the Corvette owners together this year. I contacted everyone about the change in plans and kept all of the other tours and events we sponsor in place,” he adds.

One of those events was an annual food drive at the Royal Oak-based Open Hands Food Bank at St. John’s Church, of which Courtney and others have been a long-time supporter. The Courtneys reported a steady stream of Corvettes dropping off food and checks at the facility all day long. In the past, Courtney and other Corvette owners would have dropped their donations off at the food bank as a part the Corvettes on Woodward gathering.

Matick Chevy Paws At Corvettes on Woodward
Detroit Tigers mascot PAWS showed up at the food bank drive to thank those making donations.

“I did a radio interview with Frank Beckmann on WJR on Aug. 15 where we talked about Corvettes on Woodward and the food drive. It was during the interview that I mentioned that all cruisers would be welcome to stop by and drop off donations. On Wednesday people came in droves and said they heard the interview and wanted to help.”

As an extra treat, PAWS, the Detroit Tigers Mascot, showed up to greet the people cruising in to make donations, Courtney says.

“We had hundreds of our Corvette friends from all over the U.S. and Canada stop to visit,” he says. “Our two Corvette friends from Sweden were here. Matick Chevrolet owner Karl Zimmermann and his wife, Sarah, stopped by with a donation to the food bank.”

In the end, Corvette owners and other cruisers donated $5,000 and a significant amount of nonperishable food. ”So, all in all, Corvettes on Woodward was a success,” Courtney says.

Larry had worked to arrange various tours of car-related companies and locations weeks in advance for Corvette owners. About 100 car enthusiasts came out for a private tour of GM's Heritage Center museum on Aug. 16.

On Thursday, Aug. 17, featured tours included the Lingenfelter Collection, Pratt & Miller Engineering and the Detroit Parade Co. On Friday, Aug. 18, cruisers toured Katech engine design in Clinton Township. 

Several out-of-state clubs visited this year and most stayed at the Somerset Inn in Troy. Clubs visited from Rochester, New York, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Columbus, Ohio. 

The group from New York also toured Frankenmuth and the Henry Ford Museum while here.

On Saturday, Aug. 19, the big Woodward Dream Cruise day, most everyone started to cruise Woodward Avenue before finding a place to park.

Matick Chevy Back to Bricks Corvette Reunion
More than 600 sports cars participated in the Back to the Bricks Corvette Reunion.

“Verna and I started Saturday with our early morning traditional cruise beginning in Ferndale, then up to Pontiac and returning to Ferndale. We cruised Woodward a little more before parking at 13 Mile Road to watch the rest of the cars go by,” says Courtney, who moved to the region in 2001 and saw his first Dream Cruise in 2002.

They spotted their favorite cars, a vehicle that shoots flames and another that is modified into the shape of a skull.

Back To The Bricks

After lunch, the Courtneys headed up Woodward Avenue and drove to Flint for the big 13th Annual Back to the Bricks car show, where champion driver Kellermeyer displayed his Corvette racecars.

This big event “was once again a hit,” Kellermeyer says.

The Flint show attracts more than 500,000 enthusiasts, he says. “These car lovers were able to walk around and admire thousands of vehicles of every age and description.”

Matick Chevy Back to the Bricks overview of street scene
Downtown Flint transforms into a car lover's paradise during the annual Back to the Bricks.

Back to the Bricks organizers estimated 45,000 car owners came out, gathering as early as 2 a.m. in two staging areas in order to obtain the downtown spots.

This gigantic event celebrates the love of motor vehicles and Michigan’s historic role in the automotive industry.

Matick Chevy Danny Kellermeyer Back to the Bricks 2017
Danny Kellermeyer enjoys greeting show goers at his DJ Racing display at Back to the Bricks.

Visitors wander among thousands of street machines, restored cars, rat rods and street rods at the gigantic car show. Music, displays, food vendors and family-friendly activities added to the festive atmosphere.

“Flint is the birthplace of the Corvette, ‘America’s Sport Car,’ and proudly hosts a National Reunion for Corvette aficionados,” Kellermeyer says.

Matick Chevy Back to the Bricks Danny Kellermeyer and fans
Danny Kellermeyer spends some time with car show fans.

A show within a show, this year’s 8th annual Corvette Reunion was spectacular. More than 500 Corvettes gathered from various states and Canada. The Heritage Collection boasted a Corvette from each year of production.

Kellermeyer’s DJ Racing team was one of the key Corvette attractions, displaying two of the Matick Chevy/Corvette Central-sponsored racing Corvettes.

The team was located in a prime area next to the awards tent. Corvette owners and racing fans were able to get an up-close look at Kellermeyer’s championship C6 and new C7 Corvettes.

All were able to take home a signed Danny Kellermeyer poster. “I signed a lot of posters,” says Kellermeyer.

Matick Chevy Back to the Bricks Mike Oshust
Corvette owner Mike Oshust won best of show in the Corvette Reunion at Back to the Bricks.

“The kids are great and I love to see their faces and smiles as they sit in the race cars and get to see racing from a view they normally wouldn’t be able to see,” he says. “Even their parents get to understand what happens inside the cars.”

The day included a spectacular flyover by three WWII T6 fighter planes.

“The sight was amazing and our own GM Executive Vice President Mark Reuss was able to fly in one of the planes. Mark said afterward, ‘Today was a true life event for me. I flew in a WWII T6 over what was part of the arsenal of democracy, Flint, Michigan, where I started as a young engineer. It was emotional to say the least,’” Kellermeyer recounts of his conversation with Reuss.

“The Flint show was fantastic,” says Mike Oshust of Flint. “We enjoy all the shows.”

Lorie and Matt Bacon of Fenton say “it’s always a fun time at the Corvette Reunion.”

Matick Chevy Back to the Bricks Lorie Mat Bacon
 Lorie and Mat Bacon participated in the Corvette Reunion.

Donna and Scott Freimark of Holly called Back to the Bricks a “good show, and it’s good to see friends." First-timer Gary Hreben of Sterling Heights shares that he thought the event was “awesome.”

Private Cruise Parties

Alan Johnson, Matick Chevrolet performance vehicle manager, drove his Z51 Corvette to private Dream Cruise parties the night before.

“We had 100 cars at some of the parties. They were nice get-togethers,” he says.

Matick Chevy Woodward Dream Cruise PartiesThe Woodward Dream Cruises was a great time for car parties.

Johnson saw another Matick Chevy-sponsored racecar driver, John Heinricy, with his C7 at one of the gatherings where he also spotted several classes of Corvettes and Camaros along with Firebirds and Trans-Ams.

On Woodward Dream Cruise day, Johnson and his son, Cole, 6, drove his red C7 Corvette along Woodward Avenue from Jefferson Avenue in downtown Detroit about 30 miles north to Pontiac.

“It was my first time doing the whole route,” Johnson says. His son loves cars and “had a lot of fun and waved at all the people.”

Matick Chevy North oaks Corveets Club on Woodward tent
The North Oaks Corvette Club set up their front row cruise tent along Woodward Avenue in Birmingham.

The North Oaks Corvette Club comes together twice at the Woodward Dream Cruise each year.

On the Friday before Dream Cruise, the members tailgate in front of the Birmingham Walgreens and return to the same spot on Dream Cruise day. “We had 40 cars,” says Skip Hartlerode, club president.

Matick Chevy North Oaks Corvettes on Woodward 1
More than 40 North Oaks Corvette Club members displayed their cars at the Dream Cruise.

“We’ve done this every year for the last eight years,” he says. “On Saturday, we start at around 7 a.m. with members coming and going throughout the day. Almost all members drove their Corvettes.”

Gary Drago, Flint Corvette Club president, headed up this year’s Corvette Reunion in Flint. “We had a fabulous time,” he says. He drove his 2004 Corvette. (Matick Chevy sponsors the North Oaks and Flint Corvette clubs.)

He described the thousands of cars parked along a mile route of the Corvette Reunion. “You probably won’t see this in any other place in the country. Tens of thousands of people come to this event.”

Matick Chevy Back to the Bricks people scene
Huge crowds fill the streets at Back to the Bricks in Flint.

He estimates about 600 Corvettes were on display for the reunion.

“I saw hundreds of cars that took my breath away,” Drago says, and the event is “very well organized. They make it pleasant to see the cars.

“All the Corvettes are in one place,” Drago adds. “It gets better and better every year.”

Matick Chevy Back to Bricks Danny Kellermeyere display
Danny Kellermeyer's DJ Racing display at Back to the Bricks.Matick Chevy Back to the Bricks Celeste Eric Morphis
First-time Back to the Bricks participants Celeste and Eric Morphis called the show "awesome."
Matick Chevy Back to the Bricks Gary Hreben
This year was the first time Gary Hreben drove in the Corvette Reunion.Matick Chevy Back to the Bricks Mitch Swanson
Mitch Swanson is a regular at the annual Back to the Bricks show.Matick Chevy Back to the Bricks Phillip Loving
Phillip Loving can't wait for next year's Flint car extravaganza.Matick Chevy Back to the Bricks Scott Donna Freimark
Scott and Donna Freimark love seeing old friends at the car show.Matick Chevy Woodward Dream Cruise Displays North Oaks Corvette Club
North Oaks Corvette Club members viewed the car exhibits in downtown Birmingham during Woodward Dream Cruise.

Photos by Charles Ruggles Photography, North Oaks Corvette Club, and DJ Racing.

Posted August 30, 2017

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‘Corvettes on Woodward’ Cancelled, Yet Organizer Continues Tradition Of Donating To Food Pantry And Hosting Various Car-Related Tours

Corvettes on Woodward Larry Courtney
Hundreds of Corvette owners attend Corvettes on Woodward every year.

METRO DETROIT — Organizers are alerting Vette owners that this year’s planned Aug. 16 Corvettes on Woodward car cruise, held in advance of the legendary Woodward Dream Cruise, has been cancelled.

But the annual food and funds donation drive associated with the event to benefit the Royal Oak’s Open Hands Food Pantry will still occur, says organizer Larry Courtney.

Last year, the event raised more than $6,000 to help feed the hungry.

Courtney declined to discuss a reason for the late cancellation of the event that was scheduled for the M1 Concourse.

In the past, the annual event has attracted hundreds of Corvette owners in advance of owners driving en masse down Woodward Avenue to deliver donations to the pantry. The Corvette gatherings in previous years were held at a Bloomfield Township hotel and last year was moved to a large lot in Pontiac, north of Detroit.

The food and funds donations will still take place, at the Open Hands Food Pantry located at the northeast corner of 11 Mile and Woodward Avenue behind St. John’s Church in Royal Oak. Enter the parking lot from 11 Mile.

“My wife, Verna, and I will be there between 2-9 p.m. Aug. 16 collecting nonperishable food and monetary donations,” says Larry, who drives the Matick Chevrolet flag-wrapped Corvette. “Signs will direct people.”

The Dream Center of Pontiac also is slated to receive some of the donations, says Larry.

Anyone who wants to volunteer to help with the food drive on Aug. 16 is asked to contact Larry Courtney at or call 586-876-6923.

Pre-Dream Cruise Tours

Corvette owners who want to get involved with other events organized by Larry Courtney leading up to the Woodward Dream Cruise on Aug. 19 can check with him to learn more about these annual tours to local automotive-related venues in the metro Detroit area.

  • This year, starting at 10 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 16, guests can visit the GM Heritage Center, the automotive company’s private car museum near the GM Tech Center. Cost is $10.
  • At 9:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 17, guests can tour the Pratt Miller Racing motorsports operation in New Hudson, Mich.  At 10 a.m., Corvette owners can cruise over to the Brighton, Mich.-based Lingenfelter Collection, featuring 250 Corvettes, muscle cars and exotics.
  • Courtney also invites guests to the Parade Company in Detroit at 2 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 17 “to see how the Michigan Thanksgiving Day Parade floats are made,” he says.
  • At 10 a.m. on Friday, Aug. 18, drivers will gather at Webber’s Wildlife Museum in Chesterfield Township, Mich.

Corvette owners are invited to stay at the Auburn Hills Marriott. “Each night, from Thursday through Saturday from 7-11 p.m., we will have a party with a DJ, food and lots of cars,” says Courtney.

Courtney gets plenty of feedback from all his efforts. “People thank us for a great time and that is humbling. We have friends come from Sweden and Brazil who tell us they are thrilled to be here,” he says.

“We get the thank-you cards and emails asking about next year,” says Courtney.

Along with the news articles about the event and TV coverage, Courtney says, “How can you sum up all that emotion? Verna and I are thankful and blessed. We have a great group of friends who help us take care of our charities. Friends and sponsors, such as Matick Chevy, help at our events.

“And me? I’m the luckiest guy in the world.”

Contact Larry Courtney at or 586-876-6923.

Posted Aug. 8, 2017

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