Robot Shortens Corvette Z06 Fender Production Cycle

We came across an interesting story about the Robot that is dramatically reducing the time for Corvette Z06 fender production.

Plasan USA out of Bennington, Vermont, is responsible for molding the front fenders of the Z06.  In the past, they had been using manual trimming methods that took over an hour to produce.

Now with the help of KMT Robotic Solutions from here in Michigan, they are using a robot that uses an abrasive waterjet to trim and drill the fender, dramatically improving the production cycle for the Z06's fenders.

The demolded fender is loaded into a vacuum fixture.  Then the robot drills the holes with a titanium-coated carbide drill bit and then changes tools and trims the fender.  How much time does it take using the new system?  Just 13 minutes, a 75% improvement in time! 

Best of all, the entire process and machinery are all managed by an all female staff.

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2 Responses to Robot Shortens Corvette Z06 Fender Production Cycle

  1. Joel Lau says:

    Female staff? Now, depending on how you perceive that sentence….one would think that its either a good thing to cause women to work for more oppurtunities or its a bad thing because your causing them to work more..

    Just throwing it out there.

  2. Ryan says:

    Joel, thanks for your comments.

    What I meant by that sentence was that I think that its great that women are involved in and managing the process. Engineering and production have long been a male-dominated entity, and seeing a group of women manage thing from “soup to nuts” is encouraging for all women and for the field.

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