Ed Peper on 2009 ZR1: “Bring It.”

Ed PeperEd Peper, Chevrolet's General Manager, recently wrote on the GM FastLane Blog about the 2009 Corvette ZR1.  I have to believe this is about the only interesting article they've posted on there in months, and even then there's nothing mind-breaking in it if you haven't been reading the many stories going around the Internet and the coverage here on CorvetteBlog.  Still, I think its important to hear the perspective of the higher-ups at GM.

You can tell he did have a hand in writing it though, especially if you've ever seen one of his enthusiastic speeches or dealer update sessions.

It is interesting to note the extremely positive bunch of comments readers have added to the post, the first such comments I've seen in a long time on the blog.

The last paragraph sums it up, "At Chevrolet, we couldn’t be prouder about the ZR1; it is a world-beating supercar from America that makes no apologies. And to those who question its capabilities or technical supremacy, I have only two words: Bring it."

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