More Rich & Famous ZR1 News

Keith from CorvetteBlogger reminded me that he had blogged about Mario Andretti's process of replacing his Z06 with a ZR1.  According to Keith, Mario is hoping to be the owner of car #500!

Another ZR1 buyer is Paul Teutul, Sr. of Orange County Choppers.  I hope he doesn't convert it into a cycle!  That would be some Corvette Convertible, wouldn't it?  Paul looks like he will enjoy the ZR1 just like it is, though, right?  See Paul's 2006 Z06 here, and his ZR1 past the jump.

Who are the other 350 or so who have bought them?

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  1. Steve Laird says:

    I had a 2009 ZR1 ordered but due to Chevy’s decision to “reward” it’s high volume dealers with allocations my dealer didn’t receive any of the 4 he ordered. On to the Rich and Famous…..on the day the salesman informed me that my baby wasn’t coming he told me that Jeff Gordon, Jimmie Johnson and Dale Earnhardt Jr. had taken delivery of their ZR1′s. That was on 9/17/08. Their Boss Rick Hendrick had a red one on E-Bay then for $169,990.

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