INNOTECH’s Re-Introduction

Innotech's VetteINNOTECH, a small Czech automobile manufacturer, originally aired its debut vehicle, the Mysterro, over nine years ago. Though the company planned to produce over 20 Mysterros, only one was actually ever built.

Now after nine years of hush-hush, INNOTECH is back with an upgrade alternative to the C6 Corvette. Italian-inspired, the C6 endured many changes to the bodywork, wheels, suspension, brakes, and engine. Check out the pictures by clicking on the link below! Additionally, their version of the vehicle’s engine was tweaked so it is able to run smoothly off of E85 ethanol.

"INNOTECH Corvettes are real life super car daily drivers which can also handle weekend track days for pure enjoyment of shear power and speed,” claims the company. Simply stated, this upgraded C6 is fully comprised of three country’s work: American-car, Italian-inspired, Czech-produced.

Upgrade plans for the Corvette Z06 and ZR1 are considered future endeavors for this Czech car company. Stay tuned!

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