Corvette Grand Sport… BEST Car But Lacks Celebrity Approval recently wrote an article, entitled “2010 Corvette Grand Sport is THE BEST car a celebrity won’t drive”. Hmm… why?

The article insures that the Grand Sport is “actually the ideal celebrity car – insane performance, great comfort and a host of gadgets, half century of street cred, and amazing aftermarket potential”. How come celebrities won’t drive it then?

Well according to, since the Hollywood celebrities have not truly adopted GM manufactured cars (excluding the Cadillac Escalade), this popularity of GM vehicles reflects back on our nation’s general population.

So, let’s say if Lindsay Lohan were to purchase a Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport – I, among others, would be more inclined to be like her and purchase the very same vehicle.

Umm…NOT! (I don’t entirely agree.)

What do you think this is the lingering reason why celebrities wouldn’t normally purchase a Corvette Grand Sport?

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4 Responses to Corvette Grand Sport… BEST Car But Lacks Celebrity Approval

  1. josh says:

    Thats crazy

  2. D. J. Dunn says:

    Probably cause the poor spoon fed little dears (like Lindsey) couldn’t figure out how to even start it, much less steer it all by themselves – boo hoo, so sad!

  3. don nielsen says:

    The Corvette Grand Sport is a domestic high performance competitor to the foreign exotics. That is not what a celeb would consider a status symbol. That’s fine with me; keep ‘em out of “the best bang for the buck” drivers car made!

  4. mahituna says:

    agree with Don, they are more likely to drive 100k-200k imports in hollywood. who really cares, they are fun to drive and look good. They can perform as well as the 100k+ cars too.

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