The Grand Sport 2010 Explained

2010 Corvette Grand SportYes, you probably are more than aware, but after much hype, the Corvette Grand Sport is back!

Customization is key in the new 2010 model. Eight exterior colors, four rear-fender hues and the ultimate choice of coupe or convertible are all major decisions upon initial purchase.

The Grand Sport falls in between the base ‘Vette and the Z06. A stiffened suspension and LS3 engine allow the Grand Sport to output 430 horsepower. A whole new perspective is brought to the vehicle’s brake system. The brakes are cross-drilled and upsized at 14.0 inches in the front and 13.4 inches in the rear.

If you prefer to take on the manual coupe, the vehicle’s features include a rear-mounted battery, a dry-sump oil system, differential cooler and a launch-control program to improve acceleration.

General Motors promises to manufacture as many as possible to keep up with the consumer demand. Be sure to shop with CorvetteBlog and George Matick Chevrolet for your next Grand Sport!

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  1. Joan Bosart says:

    Curious, has anyone out there taken delivery on the 2010 Corvette GS2 Convertible? IF so, how long have you had it and what are your likes (dislikes if any) so far?
    I just ordered one yesterday and no one can even tell me what the turn around time is for delivery.

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