Navigation Information? Beware!

Many Corvette owners have chosen to have Navigation installed in their Corvette by the factory, while some others have chosen to go the cheaper route and use a portable GPS unit.  Either way, if you’re storing information in the navigation (like any of us normally would), beware.

Two metro Detroit robbers were recently nabbed for stealing GPS and garage openers from unlocked vehicles in 17 lower Michigan locations.

Just think… Those two items alone gives strangers FULL access to your house! The GPS is likely programmed with your home directions while your garage door opener will simply open your house!

Now you know. So be one step ahead of those 23-year old robbers. Program your home location as the local McDonald’s – or anywhere that’s miles away from your garage!  Coming from someone who has had their car stolen, I highly recommend this simple change to protect yourself and your family.

[ CrunchGear ]

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2 Responses to Navigation Information? Beware!

  1. Dick Eastman says:

    This story has circulated all over the Internet for months but is false. It never happened. Nobody in Detroit (or elsewhere) can find any reference to it in the police records. It’s time to check your stories at

    In this case, the truth may be found at

  2. Bill C. says:

    Yes, please read the, because, as they say, it is partially true. Let the user beware!

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