New Age in Driving… OnStar Now Testing Facebook/Texting Capabilities

OnStar comes standard on all 2011 Chevrolet Corvettes. There are plenty of great benefits to using OnStar like Stolen Vehicle Recovery, Remote Lock Out Assistance, Emergency Services when you’re in a crash and much more…

Just this month, news has it that General Motors is testing social media networks on OnStar using a reworked version of OnStar, called Ford’s SYNC system.

This new feature will test two features:

  • Facebook Updates – allowing users to verbally update their Facebook status just through use of audio recordings. The OnStar Virtual Advisor feature will also allow the vehicle’s voice-activated system to read Facebook status updates and news feeds to the driver.
  • Voice Texting – pairing the driver’s Bluetooth mobile phone with OnStar will permit the system to read received SMS messages and reply using 4 pre-set voice messages.

With OnStar best known for its roadside assistance and in-car accident reporting… Do you think this new social media feature is truly beneficial to drivers who should ultimately be focusing their attention on the road ahead?  Will you, as a Corvette owner and enthusiast use such services?  Let us know!

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One Response to New Age in Driving… OnStar Now Testing Facebook/Texting Capabilities

  1. Victor Hernandez says:

    I’ve been an onstar customer for a lot of years/Texting features would be a fantastic upgrade. Looking forward to trying it.

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