Z06 Centennial Edition Epic Lap

Have a need for speed? This short video reveals an epic lap behind the wheel of Chevrolet’s Centennial Edition Corvette Z06 on Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca.

What does driver Randy Pobst have to say about its…

Handling"Like Corvettes have for years, the steering does react quickly… With these tires, it’s controlled… now it’s got the grip for its capabilities. It’s a whole ‘nother animal. But, kinda soft, in all ways."

Transmission"The car’s geared really high. I barely needed fourth gear. I went ahead and used it a couple times ’cause I knew it was getting close and tickling it, and I didn’t wanna tap the limiter."

Brakes"It stopped really well, but the pedal had kinda long travel. I stepped deep down into it and it just kept braking harder, braking hard. Extremely capable car." Seating"I had this conscious feeling of the seat being soft, just kind of squishing around in the seat."

Engine"Fabulous engine. Broad torque curve and high RPM power, a pushrod miracle. The power curve is very useable, no surprises. Revs out, makes those good American noises."

Overall"I’ll tell you what, much easier car to drive on R-compound tires. I felt like the car was really fast. It was generating a lot of grip. It can handle the power. It kinda felt a little bit soft, which makes you feel a little bit…dull around the edges. There’s less precision in the movements than other cars here."

See the full video after the jump.

[ Motor Trend ]

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