Corvette Parade at the Funfest

By my count, there were 211 Corvettes in that parade!  The Corvette Funfest in Effingham, Illinois opened a day earlier this year, with a limited number of activities.

The most exciting of the activities on Wednesday was the Corvette Parade.  As participants, we lined up on the grounds of Mid-America Motorworks, and then filed out onto the county road, heading north.

Sure enough if the parade wasn’t lead by the famous Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile

Some miles up the road, we turned west and wound through the countryside on farm roads.  It was much hillier than I expected, so some of my photographs will show me at the bottom of a big hill, with a line of Corvettes ahead of me.  Adults sat (with children on their laps) along the route, to point out the many beautiful vehicles as they passed.

At one point, we turned south, and headed to downtown Effingham, where the city held a car show around the courthouse.  Barbecue was available for purchase, and Chief Cheerleader for the FunfestMike Yager, and others welcomed our cars as we came to park in the area.  Even the X Theatre marquis welcomed the Corvette enthusiasts!

Mike Yager gives instructions prior to the start.












There were numerous long lines of Corvettes waiting for START YOUR ENGINES.




















































































His and hers 1968 Corvettes.  Nice!












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