Chevy Recalls Corvettes for Rear Hatch

In a recent Detroit News story, "General Motors Company said Saturday it is recalling 6,006 new Chevrolet Corvette Coupes in North America, that might fail to meet a federal safety standard covering rear hinges. The issue was discovered in early September, and GM halted shipment of the vehicles for three days as it investigated.

"The recall covers 2011 and 2012 models — including 5,755 in the United States and 217 in Canada. GM said the issue could allow the rear hatch to separate from the vehicle in a crash.

"Dealers will replace both rear hatch hinges. GM notified dealers last month of its plan. The issue was discovered in testing for a future European regulation. GM is unaware of any crashes, injuries, or customer complaints related to the issue.

"Most of the models — about 4,000 — are 2011 vehicles. The hatch being replaced is from Milan Metal Systems LLC of Milan.  Letters to customers will be mailed Oct. 14 with instructions on how to have their vehicle repaired."

As an update to the Detroit News story, dealers have not yet received the parts needed for the repairs.

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3 Responses to Chevy Recalls Corvettes for Rear Hatch

  1. motorman says:

    How could this happen unless GM decided to cheapen the hinges from the earlier C-6s?

  2. Bill Connell says:

    Well, we would hate to think that, but we don’t know for sure what happened. No need to pile on. It could also be a supplier mistake.

    • vembi says:

      I own an 06 and Ive had an incredible amount of problems of which they have failed to be concerned with. Is that what you get for trying to keep your money in house.

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