Weekly Corvette Ordering Constraints

427 Convertible 60th Anniversary Hood Logo
427 Convertible 60th Anniversary Hood Logo

Once again, CorvetteBlog is first to report on ordering 2013 Corvettes.  However, no Corvettes will be ordered this week anywhere.  There is no allocation whatever.

I did receive word last week at the Corvette Funfest that it is expected that we will be able to order 2013 Corvettes for another couple of months (tops), but there are no orders being taken by the factory this week.

If you a serious prospect for a 2013 Corvette, and you want your car "just so," be prepared to order very soon!  The 2013 model run will be very short, to allow the factory to be converted to produce 2014 models.  Time is running out!

If you would like to begin discussing equipment and pricing for your Coupe or Convertible, Grand Sport Coupe or Convertible, 427 Convertible, Z06, or ZR1, please send us an email right away to Bill AT CorvetteBlog DOT com, or call us at 313-531-7100.

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