Corvette Plant Performance Improves

The Initial Quality Study (IQS) from JD Power and Associates was released this week. The Corvette had some great imprvoements. After reading a post from Rob at Corvette Action Center, he points out some key facts from the report for vehicles built in October 2005 (mind you data more recent is not yet available). The Corvette, built at the Bowling Green Plant faired very well:

The Top 10 J.D. Power Problems in the study were: Paint imperfection-blemish/dirt in paint: 2.9 PPH Paint imperfection-uneven/runs: 2.9 PPH Paint imperfection-chip/scratch at delivery: 2.9 PPH Excessive brake dust: 2.9 PPH Manual-difficult to get in gear: 2.5 PPH Door panels-squeak/rattle: 2.5 PPH Interior materials soils/scuffs too easily: 2.1 PPH NAV system-map info miss/wrong directions/poor location: 1.7 PPH Trunk/hatch/tailgate hard to open/close: 1.7 PPH Brakes are noisy: 1.7 PPH The IQS is a model-level study. It measures 212 symptoms across nine categories, including driving experience, engine and transmission, and a broad range of quality problems reported by vehicle owners.

Now mind you all of these numbers are based on people who bought or leased the 2006 model year Corvettes. They are surveyed 90 days after they take delivery and those numbers are used for these ratings. Great improvements continue to take the Corvette, and GM, higher in the Customer Satisfaction arena.

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