Corvette Wins Car of Year Honors

c6r-top.jpgNorth American Car of the Year. That has a nice ring to it doesn’t it? Well, thought enough of the C6.R Corvette to give it the honor. The online magazine is considered a top source on racing and GT series coverage. The awesome yellow Compuware Corvette C6.R race cars raced to 10 of 11 victories last year. In an article on, I like the quotes that author Rick Voegelin highlights: “Among the many accolades that Corvette Racing has received since the introduction of the C6.R, one of the crowning achievements is this award from,” said Corvette Racing program manager Doug Fehan.

“The editors looked at what the Corvette had accomplished, compared our record with our rivals, and once again Corvette came out on top. This award doesn’t just honor an exceptional race car; it also acknowledges the achievements of the Corvette Racing drivers and crew.”

CorvetteBlog will be all over the unveiling of the new C6.R Corvette’s beginning March 15th. Stay tuned. In the meantime, check out our link on the right to Corvette Racing. Here are some pictures of the Compuware (a Detroit company) Car: corvettec6r05-01.jpg corvettec6r05-02.jpg corvettec6r05-03.jpg corvettec6r05-04.jpg corvettec6r05-05.jpg corvettec6r05-06.jpg corvettec6r05-07.jpg corvettec6r05-08.jpg I cannot WAIT to see what comes out next.

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