Can Corvette help GM’s slump?

gmok.jpgWhile Chevrolet continues to rank near the very top of customer satisfaction surveys in reliability and initial satisfaction, there are still so many skeptics. According to a CNN/Money article, the American public should be ready for GM to bounce back with a plan, even while skeptics comment. One part of the article that I found interesting was,

General Motors cars, on the other hand, are sold under brands like Chevrolet and Cadillac. Unfortunately, said Martin, when consumers do have positive feelings about a brand or product, like Cadillac’s visually striking luxury cars or the Chevrolet Corvette’s performance, those feelings don’t extend to the General Motors corporation at large and its other products.

I think we have a lot of really positive things happening with lower sticker prices, better designed vehicles with better gas mileage and improved style. Look at the Corvette (like the article points out) or the new 2007 Tahoe, that’s a great looking truck. The public will speak through their sales and remember who is the #1 Choice of American’s – Chevrolet. The cars and trucks more Americans choose than any other.

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  1. Pat says:

    Always implicated, never duplicated.

    There’s something about the soul of the corvette that captures the imagination like no other automotive machine in the world that everyone learns to respect.

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