Stolen Vette Recovered… After 37 Years

Having had my car stolen as well, I can understand what Alan Poster might have felt that day his 1968 Corvette was stolen from his driveway that morning in 1969. The morning it was stolen from a garage in New York City. stolenvette.jpg ABC News goes into more detail about how the car was purchased for $10,000 by a Swedish man was oblivious to the car’s previous… predicaments, if you will.

“This is a miracle,” Poster said when law enforcement officials told him that his car had been recovered. He saw his car today for the first time in 37 years at a media briefing held at a Customs and Border Patrol warehouse in Carson, Calif. “He’s very excited about it,” Fleming said, adding that Poster had since moved to Petaluma, Calif., and had given up hope long ago of seeing the car again. Today the car that cost $6,000 in 1968 is a classic. Similar models are auctioned on Web sites for $50,000 to $100,000. But Poster said his Corvette is not for sale.

Enjoy it Alan, Enjoy it.

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