The UK Takes Hold of the Z06

EnglishFlag.gifI often enjoy reading about how other countries (and cultures) respond to a great American product like the Corvette. There's a great review of the Corvette Z06 from AutoExpress out of the UK. The Z06 is now available in the UK and there couldn't be more positive publicity about the performance and the affordability. The review goes on to say:

On sale in the UK now, the ultimate Corvette has Dodge's Viper and various Ferraris firmly in its sights, and will really give Porsche and Jaguar buyers something to think about, too. Priced at £59,850, the Z06 offers supercar performance for 911 and XK money.

Now if you convert that £59,850 to American dollars today you're looking at a cost in the UK of $104,528. While it may be more expensive across the Atlantic, still a great deal for our friends who gave us fish and chips!

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