GM Recalls 30,000 Corvettes

General Motors is recalling some 30,000 Corvettes (Model Years 2005-2006). According to the NHTSA the Corvettes equipped with painted roofs have an adhesive between the roof panel and the frame that could separate. If there is a separation, the roof may actually detach from the vehicle and (heaven forbid) strike another vehicle and cause injury or property damage. GM has not yet approved a notification schedule for contacting customers concerning if they are affected. If you want to know now, you can always contact Chevrolet direct at (800) 630-2438 or the NHTSA at (888) 327-4236. If affected, take your vehicle to your dealer. They will inspect the vehicle free of charge for potential roof panel to frame separation and add specified adhesive foam or replace the roof. The Recall is NHTSA #06V181000.

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4 Responses to GM Recalls 30,000 Corvettes

  1. SMOOK says:

    What is the vin breakout? Where is the offical GM site with this information? Does this affect detachable and fixed painted roof panels? AKA C6z06?

  2. fernando cruz says:

    hey,guys i own a 06 zo6 in fl and while driving the roof panel flew off luckily no one close enough behind me.right now car is at dealer waiting for factory rep

  3. Gayle in Arkansas says:

    Has anyone had any trouble with the battery losing all its charge. It seems like everytime I use the onstar telephone in my new 06 vett the next day the battery is dead. Dealer has replaced battery. HELP!!!

  4. Kip green says:

    Hi, I own a 2008 coupe n having strange popping sounds coming from the underbody.
    At first I blamed it on tailpipe, but now suspect suspension issues.
    Can anyone fill me in on possible factory issues
    Regarding this?

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