Corvette for SEMA Just Wrong

I really don't know what GM is thinking with this one.  They plan a strong fourth quarter push for accessories and accessorizing your vehicle, so much so that they are sending 27 vehicles to SEMA, one of which "resembles" a Corvette.

This ridiculous C6 comes outfitted from Mid America Motorworks and was designed by The Custom Shop.  To their credit, it is outfitted with 650 horses under the engine and a kickin sound system from Sony measuring 5,600 watts.

The interior is horrible in the pictures.  Mind you, its made from Ostrich leather and Alcantara synthetic suede.  I just think of those Ostriches that suffered for... this?!  Oh, and Lambo doors?  Not on my Vette.

Lastly, can anyone tell me why they would photograph this on some random road with a field as a background?  Just seems so out of place to me.  For more photos, continue on or head over to our friends at AutoBlog.

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2 Responses to Corvette for SEMA Just Wrong

  1. John Abreu says:

    Terrible, terrible! With all that you can do to a bad ass Vette, they really made this car look like it belongs in a circus. What a joke! No wonder GM has problems!

  2. Bill C. says:

    Keep in mind that this was an aftermarket project, unlikely to have been blessed by Chevrolet in any way.

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