Corvette Blue Devil Spotted

Corvette Blue DevilThe Corvette Blue Devil has been discussed for some time now and with much anticipation, the first spy shots of the powerful car are now available.

The Corvette Blue Devil will reportedly have a supercharged 6.2-liter V-8, that sources speculate could push nearly 650-horsepower.  650, whew!

There's no major exterior design changes from these pictures, at least none that would catch the eye at first glance.  I'm a little disappointed... but with that kind of power, I won't complain.  What are you thoughts on the design?  Let us know.

The engine will be built close to us here at


, in Wixom, Michigan.  Don't expect to see these powerhouses in any real quantity though, only 1500-2000 per year are planned to be produced. 

The Blue Devil will be a 2009 model, sold beginning in early 2008.  As soon as confirmation is in, we'll post how to order yours.

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