V6 Corvette On The Way?

Well, we didn’t expect to see this today, but it seems like it could be a reality now.  Reports are, that GM will build a V6 version under the Corvette badge for a new Chevy Convertible in the $30,000 price range.  We at CorvetteBlog feel like it would be a poor use of the Corvette emblem and namesake to be used on such a project.

The idea of a vehicle like this for Chevrolet is exciting, don’t get us wrong, but not with a Corvette badge.  It’s likely the announcement will come at the NAIAS in Detroit, January of 2007.  It will fill an interesting gap between the current Corvette we love and the coming Camaro we will adore!

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6 Responses to V6 Corvette On The Way?

  1. Maher says:

    V6? That’s not right! I know they do it so people can afford Corvettes, but Corvette is respected for being a POWERFUL V8 car, and the new Z06 is the biggest V8 ever. How are they going to do a V6? Now that’s whack!

  2. ariel asturias says:

    As a life-long corvette/stingray owner and lover this is just the worst idea that GM has come up with yet, I Hate it. GM in general has been run into a design-concept blackhole.

  3. jack tomson says:

    A V6 Corvette? That’s just bole crap.

  4. julian says:

    just hold on people im sure gm will see there mistake. there just cant be a v6 vette not today not never

  5. Eric says:

    V6 is good enough for the Porsche, which is faster than the Vette. So I say, Why not?

  6. Russ says:

    Eric, you are highly mistaken. While a Porsche does have 6-cylinder engine, it is a flat-6, not a V-6. The flat or inline engine produces a lot more power and air intake per valve. It’s also a much larger engine than a V-6. It also depends on which Porsche model you are talkin about. The standard 997 Carrerra would get whooped by any Corvette. A 911 Turbo S would get beat by the ZR1, so really you are just wrong by all means of your response

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