Wisconsin couple gives $1.3 million to Corvette Museum

If you’ve been reading our Corvette Blog for very long, you already know that the National Corvette Museum, in south-central Kentucky’s Bowling Green, announced recently that they are fund-raising currently for a major expansion.

The likelihood of that expansion increased dramatically last week when Ivan and Mary Shrodt of Sherwood, Wisconsin, donated $1.3 million, the largest gift in the museum’s history.  Mr. Shrodt is a retired research director for Kimberly Clark Corporation.

According to a news story through the Associated Press, the money will go toward the planned $14 million expansion.  Museum director Wendell Strode stated that the project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2009.

The Shrodt’s have no children, and have stated that they gave the money to the Bowling Green museum because of their affection for Corvettes.  "We looked at what we valued and what was important to us," said Ivan Shrodt, 60.

[ Detroit News ]


The museum held a reception in the couple’s honor Saturday night, while the Shrodt’s were in town to pick up their sixth Corvette, a 2007 black Z06 model.  Their return trip home could potentially be the fastest yet in the current 505-hp Z06!

Museum Delivery, of course, is available to all Corvette customers who special order their vehicle.  Museum receptions are another matter altogether! That, of course, takes a significant donation.

Ivan Shrodt explained that he and his wife drive all of their Vettes, and that they “expanded our garage so we can house them."

Director Strode stated that fund-raising efforts to expand the Corvette museum by 50,200 square feet will increase soon. The project calls for a library archive, a larger store with attached warehousing space, an embroidery shop, and a Corvette Cafe.

If you are interested in donating yourself, please contact the museum through the website by clicking here.

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