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  1. Where do I go to sell my 1988 35th anniversary edition Corvette?

  2. Sam Karr says:

    I have an 1982 and I cant get the hood to release on the passanger side any help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks

  3. Ken says:

    I’ve got a 98 and the headlight open and close function has quit. I was told it could be the head light modual? What do you’se think it is? And were is it.
    Thanks Ken

  4. Doug says:

    I have the original owners manual with protecto-plate and an options pamphlet for a 1965 Corvette that I purchased new. I traded the Vette for a new 1966 Chevelle SS which I had to sell after being drafted and sent to Vietnam. I don’t know why I did not leave the manual and pamphlet with the car but I have had it for years and would like to give it to the current owner of the car if it is even around anymore. Any idea how I could find the owner?

  5. charliie padgett says:

    i have 2001 zo6 my ac works fine on driver side but hot air comes out passanger side also display light frequently dim at night this problem comes and goes .anybody have fix for me?

  6. Irma Perez says:

    On a 2007 corvette coupe with an automatic/autoshift with peddalshift. When shifting manually there is too long of a lag between shifting when the pedal shifter. Does the dealer have a program upgrade to remedy this issue.

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