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  1. I am the proud owner of a 2016 LAGUNA BLUE ZO6 and as my luck has it I was preparing for a big Corvette show. As I jacked my baby up to remove the front passenger side wheel to clean and polish the rim inside and out the jack slipped off and caused $3600.00 in damage to the fender sill and door!!!! OUCH!!!! I was devestated as you can imagine.
    I have had 4 Corvettes of which never had a problem with the 1 1/4 ton floor jack before. As I was watching FAT AND FURIOUS I saw the ad for the QUICK JACK called the number on the screen and ordered the 5000lb jack. If I saw the ad a week before it would have saved me ALOT OF MONEY AND HEART ACHE!
    The car has been in the shop for 2werks now and should be getting my QUICK JACK next week just in time to use it on my baby. From the research I’ve done and after speaking to the knowlegable staff at QUICK JACK I am confident my next jacking up experience will NOT be a costly one. I suggest you check it out and am certain you will be surprised at how affordable the product is! MUCH LESS EXPENSIVE THEN ANY OTHER ON THE MARKETPLACE.
    Coram NY

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