Corvette Collector Car Insurance

If you are the owner of a fabulous 1:1 Scale Corvette collectable, you know the importance of proper insurance on your vehicle.

As a service to the owners of collectible automobiles, the January 2007 issue of Hemmings Classic Car has published an excellent article on the subject.
In his article, “Classic Coverage: How to Get the Best deal on Collector-Car Insurance,” David LaChance deals with a number of issues important to owners of collectible Corvettes (and other vehicles).

When I bought my first collectible car, I just put it on my regular insurance policy with my other cars. Little did I know the importance of checking out insurance from one of some sixteen insurance companies that understand the collector car market!

You may drive your vehicle very few miles per year. You likely baby your car, keep it garaged, and maybe never let it see a snow flake or rain drop. You certainly wouldn’t let an inexperienced driver take the wheel!

These very characteristics and habits of your ownership put you into a special class of owner that qualify you for significant savings on your car insurance.

As a final favor, LaChance lists sixteen companies with phone numbers and website information to make your shopping easier.

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4 Responses to Corvette Collector Car Insurance

  1. 2wicked says:

    I have this issue of Hemmings. That particular article is very helpful. What a great mag!

  2. deborah says:

    I need good rates on car insurance for a corvette

  3. Mr. Insurance says:

    Up to now I was unaware about any such information of car insurance. But now I got it thanks for sharing wonderful information. Collect information from the DMV and other auto experts on how to improve driving skills and get out of the high-risk category.

  4. Love the mag, thank you for this post!

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