The Corvette Channel on XM Satellite Radio

The time has come! Yes, the time for The Corvette Channel has come!

I got to thinking. XM Satellite Radio essentially already has a Monte Carlo Channel. Its real name, of course, is NASCAR Radio (Channel 144). So, shouldn’t there also be a Corvette Channel?

If you’ve spent much time at all at XM Satellite Radio, you probably already know the nineteen categories of stations: 6 channels of The Decades, Country (7 Channels), Pop and Hits (8 Channels), Christian (3 Channels), Rock (14 Channels), Hip-Hop & Urban (7 Channels), Jazz & Blues (5 Channels), Lifestyle (4 Channels), Dance (5 Channels), Latin (4 Channels), World (3 Channels), Classical (3 Channels), News (13 Channels), Regional Talk, News, and Music (6 Channels), Sports (41 Channels!), Kids (2 Channels), Women (2 Channels), Talk & Entertainment (13 Channels), and Comedy (4 Channels).

Frankly, there are a lot of options there (150 to be exact), and that doesn’t include stations on traffic and weather in key markets. There is so much great programming that once you’ve enjoyed that three month free trial period with purchase on a new Corvette, it’s hard to give XM up.

The Corvette Channel could provide news of Corvette Racing initiatives, talk about the upcoming Stingray, rolled composite repair tips, and segments on great moments in Corvette history.

I don’t know. What do you think?

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