Time is Running Out to Win the 1:43 Scale Corvette Model from CorvetteBlog!

Just a reminder that time is running out for you to comment on our recent story on Christmas gifts for Corvette enthusiasts with ideas about your ideal Corvette Christmas gift. What Corvette Christmas gift would be ideal for you?

Respond to our “Comment” link below, and we will put you in a drawing to win a 1:43 scale model of the Dale Earnhardt / Boris Said Compuware #8 C5-R Corvette, complete with removable hood!
This is not a test of skill. The winner will be selected at random. All entries must be received by this Friday, December 22! Then, watch our site for an announcement of the winner.

Merry Christmas, remember the “Reason for the Season,” and may the best Corvette enthusiast win!

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2 Responses to Time is Running Out to Win the 1:43 Scale Corvette Model from CorvetteBlog!

  1. Jay Knape says:

    The best Christmas gift scenario is this Christmas with my father giving me his ’96 LT4 Yellow Corvette with no strings attached, since he just purchased a 2005 Yellow Corvette. That would complete my Corvette collection, and give me the 1:1 scale version.

  2. Dean says:

    What could be better than cruising in a Corvette convertible, on a perfect summer night?

    Well, a Z06, a ’66 Coupe, and a ’71 big block convertible in my garage would be nice, too. :)

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