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  1. Willie Wade says:

    Where could I find Borla exhaust for sale?

  2. Paul says:

    Who can tell me how to open the hood on a C3 Corvette (specifically a 74) when the hood release cable has broken. I was able to release the right side from the underside but can’t get at the left side, even through the hole in the firewall. Thanks.


  3. Gary says:

    What has happened to Ecklers?? I remember going there years ago when they sold and Knew about Corvette parts.
    I drove 70 Miles one way to buy an upper radiator hose for a 1969 427/390 early corvette. I kind of thought I was in trouble , when the guy waiting on me thought an L88 was a 350. Cum on guys, the baddest engine ever and you think it’s a 350??? I told him I had an early 69 427 with power steering and he said this is the hose you need. I said are you sure, it does not look right. Yup , thats it. Well thats it all right, now I have to drive back 70 more miles one way to return the wrong hose. Then I will order the right one from year one.

  4. larry ostler says:

    What is the best and safest way to remove the paint from my 56 vette?

  5. danny lowry says:

    i have a 77 corvette with a can am body kit. i can’t seem to find out much about it. who made it? how many? etc. where can i get info?

  6. james lou says:

    Anybody know where the turn signal flasher isw on 1984

  7. Vette unhappy says:

    What ever happened to Ecklers……
    The service is absolute garbage these days with service reps being mostly women that wouldn t know a radiator hose from a wheel nut. Recently I ordered quite a substanstal amount of parts like six weeks ago and the amount of trouble I had to go through is unbeleivable, my order hasn t even shipped… Will go elsewhere as there are are plenty of ace vette guys on the west coast…..

  8. richard says:

    Paul, lift the side that is open and slide your hand in under the hood and pull the cable, and it will pop the other side. Hope it is the inside cable. Order a cable and a new lock or keeper to go on the end. Bend 90 degrees before cutting.

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