’08 Viper adds Hood Vents to Deal with Heat

Hey, let’s face it, Viper’s are hot!  Under the hood, along the door sill (on the earliest models), and even in the passenger compartment!

In my visit to the North American International Auto Show this year, I saw the massive hood vents being added to release heat from the new engine coming this way for 2008.  The new 8.4L V10 will have 600HP.

What kind of performance threat the new Viper presents to the Z06 remains to be seen, of course.  But count on one thing, the Viper will be hot under the hood and in the passenger compartment.  Well, count on a second thing, too: Corvette will be back with a hotter performer than ever and just as comfortable inside as ever.

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6 Responses to ’08 Viper adds Hood Vents to Deal with Heat

  1. VetteMan says:

    I see more people trying to rid themselves of their “HOT” Vipers after 1 week, 1 month, or 1 year than any other sports car enthusiast. Save your time and your money; get the Z06 from the beginning. 54 years of producing the best piece of machinery must say something. VETTE SEASON IS ALMOST HERE!!!!!


  2. DEDLY4U says:

    The reality is that Vipers are hand built and the quality is far better than the Corvette. I know I’ve had three Vette’s and I’m on my second Viper. Whether you’re in a parking lot or on the street, people will walk past a Vette to check out a Viper. It’s the nature of the beast. The Z06 is a great leap forward, but GM should have done a better job of designing a new body to fit the new image, instead of trying to make it look like a Viper from the front. The best part is, with the addition of the Z06 and the GT500, American cars are taking back the streets!

  3. Bill says:

    Could it be that they are walking past the Corvette to see the Viper simply because they are seen less, and those beautiful Corvettes are better known?

  4. Patrick says:

    The Corvette is an awsome vehicle, but the fact is Vipers are more rare, have tons of potential way more than Corvette, they have more liters and more cylinders and they are more rawly tunned. Yes, Vettes may be a more comfortable ride, but if you’re looking for comfort, go to BMW or Mercedes. Viper also has the highest skid pad rating on the back tires.
    I would take a Viper over a Vette any day. You get more stares and can get them well over 1000 hp and 1000 lb ft of tq.

  5. bob says:

    Iv been a viper fan all my life. Iv also been an American car guy.Vipers,Vettes,Stangs,they are all amazing machines, the difference that separates the stangs and vipers from the vettes is you’ve gotten all the power your gonna get from the vettes engine, unless you build on it with a whole lotta other stuff theres nothing more, while with the stang and viper all that is required to smoke other cars and including vettes (iv never seen a mustang race a vette in a drag…) is change the gearing around. Remember vettes are practically street legal race cars, in any case, all three are taking back the streets in force, people stare at anyone of them because they are amazing machines

  6. DEDLY4U says:

    As a prior owner of several Corvette’s and now an owner of my second viper, here is the bottom line; We all have our favorite cars, but let’s be thankful, the US auto industry has finally gotten their act together and have take back the streets. The Corvette, GT 500, and Viper are all high end performance vehicles that can take on any import. Finally it’s kind of like the 60′s all over again. GOD bless the USA.

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