Do Celebrities Sell Cars?

Yes, the question is: "Do Celebrities Sell Cars?"

The General took a major flying leap to answer this question here in Detroit Saturday evening, January 6, by staging an impressive limited access venue called the GM Style Event.  On the banks of the Detroit River, under an elaborate tent next to the Renaissance Center, GM presented its newest bevy of concept vehicles and future product to approximately 1200 invited guests, in the company of eighteen or so Hollywood luminaries (Carmen Electra, Kristen Bell, Rosie Perez, etc.)

Autoblog covered it best.  See their amazing array of 216 high-resolution, paparazzi-style celeb shots.  Locally around Detroit, news coverage was all but non-existent. 




I guess the question that concerns me about General Motors, manufacturer of our beloved Corvette (note the Z06 in the photos) is: just what progress in selling their vastly improved vehicles (in styling, engineering, and longer warranties) are they making by staging an expensive display to a very limited number of people just days before the North American International Auto Show?

Those 1200 hand-selected guests may well have loved the General already. At least one GM dealer was present, probably more. So, maybe the show was for the stars to go back to Hollywood with tales of Detroit glory?

What do you think? Is this the way for the General to market its wares?




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