“Ain’t We Got Love!” Super Bowl Commercial

This is for all of you who enjoyed the Chevrolet commercial on the Super Bowl entitled "Ain’t we Got Love!"  We had blogged back on February 5 about the Corvettes in the video, but you wanted to know more!

The fine folks at Campbell-Ewald (producers of the commercial) have been kind enough to give Corvette Blog readers the behind the scenes look at the commercial’s participants.

Understand first of all that sometimes we think we know what we’re seeing but sometimes it’s something else.  I really thought some of the posers were celebrities.  Regardless, the official list of participants, vehicles they are seen with, songs, authors, and lyrics are as follows:

Mary J. Blige with a Black Tahoe LTZ (“Chevrolet” / Foghat): "Buy you a Chevrolet, buy you a Chevrolet, gonna buy you a Chevrolet, if you give me some of your love."

Male collector with a vintage black SS (“Crocodile Rock” / Elton John): "Holdin’ hands and skimmin’ stones. Had an old gold Chevy and a place of my own."

Johnny O’Connell with Yellow Corvette LeMans race vehicle (“Goin’ Back to Cali” / LL Cool J): "Top is down on the black corvette and it’s fly cuz it’s sitting on Daytons."

Big ’N Rich with a blue Silverado (“Save A Horse” / Big & Rich): "And I wouldn’t trade ol’ Leroy or my Chevrolet for your freak parade."

T.I. with a black Impala (“Top Back” / T.I.): "I like my beat down low and my top let back. Can see me ridin’ 24’s on my Impala wet black."

Female customizer with a red HHR (“409” / The Beach Boys): "Giddy up, giddy up, 409."

Male surfer with an orange HHR (“Brand New Chevy” / The Devil Dogs) "Nobody can shut that Chevy down, ‘cuz that brand new Chevy is mine."

Female tuner walking between several Cobalts (“E.I.” / Nelly): "I drive fast call me Jeff Gordon in a black SS wit’ navigation."

Dale Earnhardt, Jr. with a red Corvette convertible (“The Jet Set” / George Jones & Tammy Wynette): "No we’re not the jet set. We’re the old Chevrolet set, but ain’t we got love."

[ Commercial ]

[ February 5 Blog Article ]


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4 Responses to “Ain’t We Got Love!” Super Bowl Commercial

  1. C.E. Smith says:

    Thanks! I just saw the commercial again during a NASCAR race and you’ve completely answered my question(s).

    Thanks again!!

  2. Mary Keller says:

    Love that commercial. At the very end, who is singing “We’re not the jet set”? I know it’s a George Jones/Tammy Wynette song, but don’t think it’s them singing. I’d like to get the recording of this amazing version.

  3. Cheryle says:

    Who sings the last verse fading into black?

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