Corvette Stars in Super Bowl LXI

In an advertisement Chevy called "Ain’t We Got Love" and I would have called "We’re Not the Jet Set," three Corvettes were included in a variety show of musical entertainment.

Pictured in order within a longer montage of Chevrolet vehicles were a red C2 convertible, a C6.R, and Dale Earnhardt, Jr. singing in a C6 convertible.  I particularly enjoyed the closing song by Tammy Wynette and George Jones.

See the ad again at  Click on the picture of an HHR with the words "Big Game.  Big Ads."

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2 Responses to Corvette Stars in Super Bowl LXI

  1. Nancy Ballinger says:

    Could you tell me all the performers in the Super Bowl commercial “Ain’t We Got Love”? I love it, but I can’t pick out some of them. Thank you very much

  2. Bill Connell says:

    Unfortunately, the link promised in this post is no longer available by clicking on the HHR. It’s no longer there.

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