Corvette Conversions

Classic Reflection Coachworks of Lakewood, Washington wants to take your C5 Corvette and customize it to look like a 1962.

The appeal of such cars (beside the fact that you see them more in your dreams than on the street) is the opportunity to blend various styles and design cues together, to put excitement and fun back into the old familiar shapes, to haunt our thoughts with these wide-eyed round headlights and muscle-car curves once again.

Their handiwork is remarkable.  In the words of CRC: "This new automotive conversion transforms your C5 Corvette Roadster into a modern legend. It takes you back in time to a classic looking car, yet it has the safety, comfort and performance of America‚Äôs most desired sports car."

"Using advanced technology, high temperature vacuum molds, and a balanced carbon material system, we offer a turnkey car conversion that stirs up emotions from the past, yet can be used as an everyday driver, with the quality and finish that can still compete at any car show.

"This unique car was engineered to include features such as side marker lights, cold air induction, engine compartment venting, ducted disc brake cooling, LED back-up lights, a third tail light and optional HID headlights."

For complete information on the concept, the use of Boeing computers in design, the application, the steps to the process, and photographs of many beautiful examples of their work, please visit the CRC website.


[ Classic Reflection Coachworks ]

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