Corvette Deal or No Deal?

Are you a big fan of NBC’s “Deal or No Deal” television show with Howie Mandel? If so, you know that when Howie says, “Deal or No Deal?” to a contestant, it is time to make a decision.

Likewise, if you are a fan of incentive cash from the factory, you already know about the $750 Bonus Cash that Chevrolet recently put on certain C6 Corvettes for a limited time only.

However, you may not know that a select number of Chevrolet dealers are now able to take advantage of an additional program that raises total rebates to $1500. At these dealerships, this effectively makes the C6 the most affordable it has ever been!

As an example, qualifying employees can buy our LeMans Blue Corvette Convertible (pictured at our dealership) with a MSRP of $63,220 for just $52,164. That’s a savings of over $11,000! And for non-employees, pricing is closer to that of employees than ever!  Through February only. 

If you do have plans for a “new Corvette” spring, now’s the time to say, “Deal!” Remember: limited dealers, limited models, limited time!

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