WealthTV Awards Corvette Hottest Sports Car Under $50,000

WealthTV, the premier luxury lifestyle and entertainment network in digital and high-definition, announced the winners of its prestigious crystal Viewers’ Choice Award in six categories at the beginning of the Chicago Auto Show, and Corvette was selected as the Hottest Sports Car under $50,000.  Winners in other categories were Lexus, Aston Martin, Range Rover and Bentley. 

WealthTV conducted viewer on-line polling during a three-month period, beginning in November of 2006. Only six automobiles have earned the top honors in the minds and hearts of WealthTV’s viewers and received the crystal WealthTV Viewers’ Choice Award. This top honor award, which more accurately reflects the passions of loyal automotive enthusiasts, is deemed the top honor in the luxury car market. Find out more here:

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2 Responses to WealthTV Awards Corvette Hottest Sports Car Under $50,000

  1. Jim Bennet says:

    The Herring family are scoundrels of the worst kind! They treat their employees like slaves and have not given anyone a raise for the 4 years they have been on the air. The sons, Charles and Bobby, are maniacs that scream and yell at their employees, just like their dad, Robert Herring, the penny pinching owner. AWFUL PEOPLE!

  2. Bill C. says:

    While CorvetteBlog certainly does not condone scoundrels of any sort, we look to publish good news about Corvettes and the people that appreciate them.

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