Corvette LS2 One of Great Engines of All Time

In the Jan/Feb 2006 issue of Winding Road, road tester Bill Campbell described the standard 400hp Corvette LS2 engine as having a better response in the day-to-day world of driving than the 505hp LS7 engine of the Z06:

“The 6-liter LS2 feels a little stronger than the LS7 in the 2000 to 3500 rpm range where you so often find yourself on the street. Whether it is because the LS2 torque peak is slightly lower or because the Z06 has taller gearing doesn’t really matter. Let’s get this straight: the LS2 is one of the great engines of all time for practical street level torque, and the LS7 in the Z06 delivers about 95 percent of the feel of the LS2, but potential buyers, particularly those with C6 experience, should be prepared.”

I’m curious to know whether others feel the same. What is your experience? Post your comment below. 

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  1. Patrick says:

    I have a 2006 Corvette C6 with 10000 miles and when I start it the oil pressure gauge moves to the end of the gauge but does not come back down like the rest of the gauges.
    GM tells me oil sending unit but wants to remove intake manifold to replace, does anyone know if it can be replaced without removing manifold?

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