In the Name Game, Sting Ray is a Winner

I remember where I saw my first Sting Ray. The dad of my brothers’ friend was a GM executive and always had the latest and greatest of Detroit iron in his driveway. And one day after high school classes, there it was in his driveway!

Amazing! Perfect! Flawlessly styled with the gorgeous split rear window and the center spine! The hood louvers were superb! Beautiful was insufficient to describe it. Stephen Covey’s “paradigm changing” would have worked, but nobody knew the term back then.
The buzz at the Chicago Auto Show this week is over vehicle names and the wisdom or lack thereof of changing them. See today’s Detroit News Business Section first page article “What’s in a Name?” among others. Deep questions such as whether changing the vehicle name back to Taurus, instead of Five Hundred, can change the direction of a company that does so much poorly are being asked across the motoring world.

Into this debate, I just want to say that the name we miss, the name we need, the name that will turn heads, the name that will draw crowds, the name that will sell cars, is Sting Ray.

The Corvette Blog goes on record that the so-called Blue Devil be called: Corvette Sting Ray. Bring that “bad” iron to Chevy showrooms!

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