Looks Like It Will Be Corvette SS!

GM had said that they will improve the value of the storied SS nameplate in the Chevrolet franchise, and the next step is finally underway!  The SS Concept Car shown was introduced some years ago when the announcement was first made.

According to sources at AutoBlog today, the production code for the upcoming Corvette super powered performance machine is GMX245-SSC.  It is now clear that this rockin’ 600hp (or more) Vette will be a version of the C6 generation because the first part of the code, GMX245, is used for the current C6 Base and Z06 models.

Stories have circulated for months about the naming of this upcoming model.  Most frequently cited have been Blue Devil, Sting Ray, and Z07.  Personally, I thought it would be Sting Ray.  Recently, there had even been speculation that the car would not emerge until the C7 generation.  These rumors should now stop.

Corvettes will now be available as BaseZ06SS in a similar manner to Camaro in its heyday with Base — Z28 –SS configurations.

All indications are that the first public presentation of the Corvette SS will be at next January’s North American International Auto Show.

[ AutoBlog ]

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2 Responses to Looks Like It Will Be Corvette SS!

  1. Heidi says:

    If you are not a Corvette junkie, move right along. This will mean very little to you. If, however, you live and breathe the crossed flags, you will be excited to hear that GM’s rumored Super Sport project is a go, if the existence of its platform code is any indication.

    The Corvette SS will have the production code of GMX245-SSC. GMX245 is GM’s code, generally speaking, for the C6 Corvette currently on sale.

    When do we get a peek at the SS? Insiders say the car should be testing this summer, in preparation for a NAIAS 2008 debut.

  2. Idetrorce says:

    Very interesting, but I don’t agree with you.

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