New Corvette Callaway C16

And while we remain in awe of the beautiful Corvette inspirations from n2a Motors (the 789) and Advanced Automotive Technologies (the 50th Commemorative Edition) about which we’ve written this week, check into this marvelous option.

The 2007 Callaway C16 not only offers a gorgeous alternative body for the Corvette lover, it provides amazing performance right now. Right now, as in not needing to wait for the factory’s promised Corvette SS a couple of summers from now.

Callaway’s association with Corvette goes back some thirty years, and these folks are expert in every area of endeavor.

Check our Blog another time (or subscribe to Corvette Blog today) and you will soon see photos of a selection of great Callaway Corvettes that I recently saw at the National Corvette Museum. We are talking legendary vehicles!
 was given the opportunity to drive one of these fabulous C16’s, and the on-line article is about as enthusiastic as it could possibly be.

Although Callaway will “build a Corvette kitted out in any way a customer prefers,” “full C16 status is only granted once all the boxes are ticked for the bodywork, interior, supercharger kit, wheels, and tires. A fully optioned C16 fetches just under $120,000 and tacks 140 pounds onto the curb weight of a Corvette C6 coupe.”

The supercharged 616 horses enable this car to run the quarter mile in the mid-elevens on its way to 200mph. Tell you what, the Corvette Blog would love to test drive this beauty!

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4 Responses to New Corvette Callaway C16

  1. zachary says:

    Can you please give my some info?

  2. Bill says:


    The richest source of information would be to click on the links at the end of the blog, especially “Callaway”.

  3. Ed Merges says:

    I have been a Corvette guy for 30 some years and they are sweet. The 2008 C-16 (from the rear) looks like a Ferreri Yes? I Know John From Corvette Quarterly and this is when John Cafarro engineer. Great job ladies and gentlemen. Keep me posted Pls

  4. rafael says:

    i wanted to get the z06 and have it done for convetible but its very pricy can the callaway be ordered in drop top? and i live in canada and can not bring any corvette after o7. so if i buy a c6 can you modifiy in to callaway? thank you.

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