NY Auditor Spends Office Budget on Corvettes

New York FlagThe NY State Attorney General is looking into reports that the NY Office of Mental Health had approved payments of nearly $1.2 Million for site studies to a company called "Very Important Property"… also known as "V.I.P."

According to the New York Times, V.I.P. is nothing more than a post office box and a bank account opened by James Leggiero, the Auditor in question.  Mr. Leggiero, drives a Cadillac Escalade and reportedly owns three Corvettes, including a highly sought 1958 model.  All of the vehicles, and his mortgage, was paid by V.I.P.

It’s incredibly unfortunate that the NY Office of Mental Health has been wrapped up in this.  Think of what $1.2 million could do for those in need with mental health issues.  Hopefully this is the end to the shenanigans and this guy’s bubble has finally burst.  Although he hasn’t be charged with anything yet, you can bet his Corvette collection could be on the auction block before too much longer.

[ New York Times ]

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  1. Bill says:

    Yes, but think of how great his mental health was, driving Vettes!

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