Update on a Popular Corvette Song

Thanks to our friends at Corvette Blogger dot com, we discovered (in their story from March 26)  that there currently is a great six panel Chevrolet advertising insert in Wired Magazine (and likely in a number of other print publications).  Each of the three two-page panels quotes lyrics from the TV ad we blogged about following the Super Bowl.

Devil Dogs lyrics accompany a Chevy Cobalt, words from Motley Crue appear with a HHR, and LL Cool J‘s rap corresponds to the C6 Corvette.  The latter are the words rapped by Corvette Racing Team driver Johnny O’Connell in the video:

The top is down
On the black Corvette
And it’s fly
‘Cuz it’s sittin’ on Daytons

[ Corvette Blog Story ]

[ Corvette Blogger Story ]

Dayton Wire Wheels ]



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2 Responses to Update on a Popular Corvette Song

  1. LL Cool J says:

    You have a link to Dayton Tires on this page. The song is referring to DAYTON WHEELS! http://www.daytonwirewheels.com

    I thought this was a website about cars. Any self respecting car guy should know better.

  2. Bill says:

    LL Cool J

    Thank you for bringing that error to our attention. Our apologies for the oversight. It is correct now, as any self-respecting Corvette Blogger would want it to be! Thanks for reading Corvette Blog!

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