Callaway Corvettes at the Museum

The 2007 Callaway Corvette C16 has recently been in the news, but were you aware that older Callaway eye candy is available for viewing at the National Corvette Museum?

I think my favorite on my recent visit was this fabulous purple and silver 1995 ZR-1 Callaway ZR-LM Coupe.  Deriving 502hp from the 350 cubic inch engine and showing amazingly British good looks, this car was on loan from John Christenson.


Also present was the beautiful dark grey 1991 Corvette Callaway Speedster on loan from the Chip Miller Family, of "Corvettes at Carlisle" fame (shown in the foreground, at right).

Quite a number of Callaways were present on the day of my visit last month.  If you are interested in seeing a particular Corvette that you may have read about or heard about being there, you may want to check that it is going to be there when you make your visit.  Many of these vehicles rotate in and out of the collection on a regular basis.


[ 2007 Callaway Corvette C16 ]

[ National Corvette Museum ]


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  1. Will says:

    I love to build/ work on the cars. They just have some kind of thrill to them.

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