Monterey Red Metallic Tintcoat to go away for Corvette

According to a memo recently received by new Chevrolet Corvette dealers, Monterey Red Metallic Tintcoat (80U) is being discontinued.

The final date for order submission in this color is April 7, 2007.  If that’s the color you want, you do not have much time to order.

The memo indicates that a replacement color will be made available at the beginning of 2008 Model Year production.

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8 Responses to Monterey Red Metallic Tintcoat to go away for Corvette

  1. Pam says:


    Can someone please tell me where I can find a Monterey Red diecast C6? I’ve checked everywhere online, and so far no Monterey Red. This color is discontinued, I know, and what a gorgeous color it is! I have this color on my ’07, and really want a diecast in that exact red! Not Victory, not Magnetic, only Monterey! Anyone??!!

    Thanks so very much!

  2. walter stobe says:

    Could someone help me plz? I have a 1967 Chevy II, and I want to paint it Monterey Red Metallic Tintcoat. Having a really hard time trying to get this color paint. If someone could give me a part no. or chevy no. etc I would really appreciate it. Thank you.

  3. Bill C. says:

    You would not be able to get more than touch-up paint from a Chevrolet dealership. The Body Shop manager at our dealership recommends that you look for a local autobody paint supplier. The biggest names are PPG, DuPont, and Glasurit.

  4. mel says:

    if anyone ever found out how to spray this beatutiful tintcoat, please email me… t hanks

  5. Cheryl Everett says:

    I am looking for a diecast of the 2005 Convertible in Monterey Red. Can anyone tell me where I can find one? I am also looking for some touchup paint in that color. I understand they no longer are painting the corvettes that color, but mine is that color and I would love to have some touch-up paint to match. Thank you.

  6. charles ward says:

    Can someone tell me how mant 05 Corvettes were made with the color Montert Red????????????????????/

  7. ALAN says:

    need answer: 2007 corvette monterey red metallic diecast 1/24 or1/18 scale. thank you. 1funz51

  8. Bill Connell says:

    The Corvette Black Book, published by Motorbooks, provides color breakouts by year and model.

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