National Corvette Restorers Society

Attentive visitors to the National Corvette Museum discover a direct connection from the museum to another organization entirely.  The story is simple, but often overlooked.

Many men from the National Corvette Restorers Society had possessed the dream that was fulfilled in 1994 when the museum opened.  Terry McManmom was the first to move on the dream way back in 1984.  At least four other individuals were also key in the creation of this fabulous facility: Ray Battaglini, Jon Brookmeyer, Dan Gale, and Darrel Bowlin.

According to their website: "Formed in 1974, the National Corvette Restorers Society is a non-profit hobby group of 15,000+ families dedicated to the restoration, preservation, history, and enjoyment of Corvettes made from the model years 1953 through 1991.

Anyone seeking to restore a vintage Vette will want to be a part of this fine organization.   Their resources are invaluable.  The N.C.R.S. display reminds visitors to the museum of this important tie.

[ N.C.R.S. ]

[ National Corvette Museum Hall of Fame ]

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  2. Bradley says:

    My son was restoring a plain jane 1978 Corvette when he was killed in a motorcycle accident in 2005. I was thinking to restore the interior. It needs a complete restoration; by that, I mean that there are original parts inside; however, they are completely in need of restoration. Can anyone give me an idea of what it would cost from a “galloping horse” kind of quote? Thanks

    J.B. Keefer

  3. Paul says:

    I love restoring Vettes! I’ve made a hobby of this my whole life. The only thing better than building them is racing them! Go VetteBlog, go. This site is awesome!

  4. ralph says:

    I have a 1957 Corvette. The last three digits in the VIN are 299. Can you tell me what the engine stamp code should be?

  5. Bill says:

    This is exactly the kind of question that the NCRS could assist you with. An alternative source of this information would be through posting the question on Corvette Forum.

  6. sal rinaldi says:

    Could you tell me how I can tell if the code plates under dash have been tampered with?

  7. Bill says:

    This is exactly the kind of question that the NCRS could assist you with. An alternative source of this information would be through posting the question on Corvette Forum or at the Corvette Action Center.

  8. David Knight says:

    I have a 1961 Corvette which I am restoring. Though the grill has no broken pieces, it is sprung from side to side about 1/4 to 3/8 inch. Is there a process for realigning the grill?

  9. Bill says:

    Please refer to the comment I posted on November 27.

  10. kevin willems says:

    I am restoring a 1964 convertible with 30,000 miles. I removed the gas tank, and began cleaning. On the outside of the tank, on the driver’s side, there are black stenciled letters and #s. The top line reads clearly “chev st louis”. Below that appear to be a series of 7 numbers that I can not make out for sure. Can anyone tell me what the reference #s should match up to or say? Please help. Thank you, Kevin

  11. Mike Parham says:

    I am looking for a reputable place in the Woodstock, GA or Marietta, GA area to have my 1978 Corvette repainted along with repairing some very minor chips in the paint. Need door jams painted as well. I want a good paint job but I don’t want to break the bank paying for it. Any recommendations are highly appreciated.

  12. Kenneth Drennon says:

    Just purchased a 74 Corvette. Not experienced in the knowledge of fiberglass bodywork and need assistance.
    Currently the car looks great with the exception of the passenger door sagging about 3/4 of an inch. There seems to be no slop in the hinges so I’m hoping I can adjust the alignment. Should I try to tackle this myself? Half of being smart is knowing what your dumb at so any advise from the “know hows” would be greatly appreciated.


  13. Bob Barjam says:

    I a I need help m restoring the dash of a 66 Corvette Coupe with AC. I need help determining which light hood goes where as the attach around the clock at 3/6/and 9oclock. One hood has a single hole and the other 2 have varied confiwurations of holes in the light hood. Which one goes where?

  14. Frank says:

    I am looking for a 1957 corvette airbox car. Contact

  15. jim swann says:

    i have a 1957 corvette. where is the trim tag located? thanks jim

  16. CHUCK STEEN says:

    Restoring 35th anniv. Q to what bracket or part do the seat control switches mount in the sport seat? I have all the switches and nessary parts except the cups that the switches are attached to. If some one could explain well, that would be nice. Thanks, Chuck

  17. Michael Bailey says:

    If you have an original 1961 Corvette with base engine 283 with 230 horsepower, single four barrel carb, please let me know if your carb to air cleaner stud has a shoulder on it to prevent over tightening of the air cleaner lid thereby depressing the center of the air cleaner lid too far.

  18. Jim Moreland says:

    I have a 66 C2 convertible, the interior is silver with black dash . Is the dash suppose to be silver or are some of them black?

  19. Tommy Degenhardt says:

    Do you recommend a good web site to sell my 1966 Corvette?

  20. Mike Minnicino says:

    What is the best way to change the lower radiator hose on a 1957? I believe it is leaking at the radiator, but I can not see it because it is hidden. It seems like I have to remove the fan, shroud, etc. just to get to it… there an easier way??

    Thanks for the help.


  21. Gene Rodgers says:

    I have a 1955 Corvette V8 engine that I want to sell. I would like to find out what it is worth, and where the best place would be to advertize this motor. Contact me at

  22. Bill Connell says:

    For answers to technical questions, and help with parts issues, please click the links to Corvette Action Center, Corvette Forum, or SmokinVette.

  23. steve says:

    I have a 1967 corvette that I ordered new door and wing windows, date coded from Eckler’s. I have recieved them but they seem to be backwards because you can read them from inside of the car and backwards from the outside of the car. Were some of them made this way or is this wrong?

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