Two Sportsman Red 1954 Corvettes For Sale at Barrett-Jackson

Corvettes are everywhere at Barrett-Jackson in Palm Beach, Florida this week.  By my count, there are eighty-four classic Corvettes going to auction!

Twenty five C1 Vettes are available, including two of the one hundred Sportsman Red Corvettes built in 1954.  (Lot 709 is pictured.)  There are thirty two C2 Vettes, including a number from 1963.  Twenty three C3, five C4, and three C5 Corvettes round out the offerings.

The bidding begins this Thursday.  Be there, or follow the forty hours of live coverage on the Speed Channel.

[ Barrett-Jackson ]

[ Speed Channel ]


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2 Responses to Two Sportsman Red 1954 Corvettes For Sale at Barrett-Jackson

  1. Matt says:

    I recently ran into an offer for a 54 Vette for $5000.00. Rolling chassis, body, rebuilt block. NOTHING else. No chrome, no instruments, no lights, no interior, NOTHING. A good deal? I do have a mechanical background but know very little about Corvettes.

  2. roger says:

    If you don’t buy it, let me know. I will give you a 10% finders fee, and buy it.

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