The Scoop on Corvette SS (a.k.a. Blue Devil)

Corvette rumors.  Suggestions.  Disavowals.  Spy shots.  Retractions.  You’d think it was a soap opera!

When Winding Road broke their story about their bogus black Corvette SS, do you remember the hulking scoop on the hood?

When Jalopnik and others revealed the "real photos" of the red Corvette SS at Detroit Metropolitan Airport in Romulus last month, did you notice the cover/bra over the hood?  It is not hiding a raised scoop, right?  Where did it go?




This photo represents a Corvette SS with an inward scoop that would haul air into that supercharger without disturbing the view up front, a view that needs no disturbing in a vehicle that easily plows past 200 miles per hour out the showroom door, by the way!

What do you think?  Is this the final Corvette SS prototype?



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