Dodge Viper vs Ford GT vs Corvette Z06

This "American Exotics Video Comparison Test" from Edmunds (in late 2005) is long on summary and a little short on heart pounding action (like we get from Top Gear), but it certainly presents an excellent nose to nose comparo of Corvette Z06 against the Ford GT and Dodge Viper.

Edmunds declares that the Corvette is the "easiest to drive in every day conditions," is just as fast on the racetrack, and is certainly the least expensive.  The conclusion: Z06 is best for "world class exotic car performance."  But then, as a reader of Corvette Blog, you knew that!


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4 Responses to Dodge Viper vs Ford GT vs Corvette Z06

  1. racer says:

    Still, the GT40 just rocks! Too bad Ford decided to stop making it.

  2. keith says:

    I like all of the cars. The Ford GT seems more “perfomy” because it is really, really low profile. The inside is like a racecar, with the speedometer not in front of you but to the side. I like all three of them.

  3. Steve says:

    I have to say that the car that I prefer is the Dodge Viper, just because of the design and the handling.

  4. Joel says:

    The Corvette has the best steering of them all. It’s harder to steer with the GT. After all, it’s suited for a very experienced driver. Exterior however, the GT looks more like a Ferrari (in a good way :) . The Corvette has more of an American feel. Overall, it’s a tie, but the GT is more my style.

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