2007 Castagna Aznom Built on Corvette Z06 Chassis

Where would you go to introduce a fabulous carbon fiber bodied Corvette Z06 based supercar?  The producers of the 2007 Castagna Aznom selected the glitzy venue of the Top Marques Monaco show. This event was held at the Grimaldi Forum April 19-22, and beautiful vehicles were in abundance!

After all, where else can you test drive your prospective purchase on the Monte Carlo Grand Prix circuit?  A high speed race course is just what is needed when you’re running an embellished Z06 powertrain with 700hp and 701 lb-ft of torque and a light body, bringing total weight to under just 3,080 lbs.  Word is that 0-62mph takes just 3.4 seconds!

According to a report at supercars.net, Castagna was founded in 1849 by Carlo Castagna. It reached the peak of its glory days between 1920 and 1930, producing custom-built bodies assembled on some of the best chassis in the world. So exclusive were these bodies, that they won coveted awards at the Concours D’Elegance and the era’s most prestigious shows.

The company made a comeback in 2004 with the Mini Wagon, and now the Aznom takes them into supercar territory. You’ll notice special Minis in the attached Aznom photos.

By the way, notice anything unusual about the name AznomMonza in a mirror!

The grill brings the original 1953 Corvette grill to mind.  The lines of the car however are thoroughly modern and more aggressive than the current production Corvette.  It has an Italian fastback profile but suffers from no rearward visibility. It appears that the roof is fully removable as well.

There is no word on cost or availability in the United States at this point.

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