Another Look at the CRC C5 Corvette

Classic Reflection Coachworks recently put the final touches on its retro-body kit for the C5 Corvette. The May issue of Motor Trend suggests that we definitely not consider this modification as a kit-car body simply added to the great underpinnings of a C5. It is, in fact, much more!

The body with the look of a 1962 Corvette convertible was created through extensive study and engineering. The unique body molds are made to be seamless to allow for vacuum-formed creation from Sprint CBS material. The lines are pleasing.

The basic package $65,000 you pay (on top of what you paid for your C5) includes the body transformation, a special ram-air induction hood, a new soft top, custom leather door panels, and a choice of color. Options include cat-back aftermarket exhaust, racing rotors, exhaust headers, and engine re-programmer.

Although all potential changes will add 185 pounds to total weight, the performance enhancements drive the vehicle to sixty mph, and stop it, faster than a stock C5.

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  1. Femi says:

    Now, if they just made the interior like the original, the HUD, etc., that would be a very special car!!! Externally, this car is simply stunning! I am from London, England and I have never seen anything like this before.

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